As a business owner who is looking for the best phone merchant account, you want to get helpful details from potential service providers as soon as possible. After all, you have a million other things to deal with in your business.

You hope there is a readily available, friendly, and knowledgeable representative from the phone network company to answer your calls. Sadly, that isn’t always the case. You could encounter a long voice-recorded prompt and wait to get connected or no one picks up on the other end.

There could be an instance where someone does immediately pick up and gives you the information you need regarding their business phone services. Will you go with that company? Most likely, yes.

Why Your Business Needs the Right Phone Account Partner

You are most likely to choose a phone service provider with better customer service. In the same way, your customers will choose you over your competitors if you can provide them with a more quality customer experience.

The right phone merchant account is a gateway to providing better customer service and growing your business. You want a company that gives you multiple communication platforms that allow you to quickly correspond with your customers. Furthermore, you want a service provider that lets you streamline your business communication processes.

How the Right Phone Account Partner Promotes Business Growth

  1. Allows you to gain and retain more customers/sales.

Did you know that poor customer service causes businesses to lose billions? Having a reliable phone service and effective CSRs means you don’t turn away customers and opportunities.

  1. Gives a more professional image.

A business phone number gives your customers more confidence in your professionalism and your sincerity to assist your customers with their needs. An international, local, or toll-free number also gives the impression that you are bigger than your competitors.

  1. Improves efficiency and performance.

The right phone merchant account allows you to streamline your

communication processes. You can answer calls even when you are

away from the office. Multiple employees can access the system and collaborate with more ease. You can also gather data and make reports on customer behavior, employee performance, and other vital information about improving customer service and business communication flow.

  1. Saves more time and money.

Multiple business phone systems can be customized for your special business needs. You don’t have to rely on landlines alone. You can incorporate email, chat, text, and video calls. You can also go for a VOIP cloud-based system so you don’t have to buy a lot of expensive hardware.

It can also be easier to update your communication systems and expand your network since all of you connect to the same software and server. If you need to add a new team member, you can set them up and get their communication line running with less fuss and costs.

The right phone systems merchant will have flexible options to accommodate unique business needs, just like what our business phone partner, Nextiva, has to offer. Want to enjoy a good discount from Nextiva? We’d be happy to introduce you to a Nextiva representative. Sign up through us, and we’ll help you get approved today.