The world of information technology has continuously grown over the last few decades. Gone are the days when people, employees, and manufacturers used desktop computers. The said device has shrunk in recent years, from desktop units with complete parts to laptops to notebook units, and now evolved to tiny computers that fit just right in the palm of your hands. People call them a handheld computer.

A handheld computer, which people also call personal digital assistants (PDAs), has advanced and adequate processing power that allows users to run various software applications used for business operations and personal uses. Some applications to install on the device include calendar applications, word processing software, games, MP3 music players, or task management software.

If you’re considering using a handheld computer, here are some of its purposes and functions.



The functions of a handheld computer aren’t just about reading barcodes, connecting to the central device you’re using, be it a rugged tabletor a zebra tablet, collecting data, and sending out information. The tasks of a handheld computeraren’t limited to that. Their compact bodies, including all their components, contain various specific functions that are useful in making work more efficient and preventing user-caused errors.


Below will explain some of the main functions of what a handheld computer can do.


One of the core functions of a handheld computeris barcode reading. A handheld computer allows you to collect and record data through barcodes or 2D codes. A handheld computercan gather the specific date and time from the moment it was recorded. The device can simultaneously read, collect, record, and convert the data from these codes.

It can also save the operator or the user of the handheld computerfrom the trouble of making mistakes in entering and recording such data. A handheld computer also helps determine the causes of internal problems conveniently.


Another essential role of a handheld computeris transmission and results saving. Apart from the more uncomplicated and effortless process of collecting data, the technological device also allows you to record the results depending on your saving format, which you can determine in advance. For instance, if you set it as a spreadsheet, the results gathered by your handheld computerwould save the work results in your specified saving format. It allows you to save time and minimise the number of working hours usually spent on data management.

From the saving of results, the collected data of a handheld computer can be automatically transmitted to your central system, whether it is a desktop computer, PC, laptop, or server. With a handheld computer, you can lessen the mistakes and risks of forgetting to transmit and record the data, making work for your employees more efficient and convenient.

Lastly, because of its automatic transmission feature, it reduces the transmission time or aggregation work. A handheld computer can help reduce the chances of mistakes in transcribing data, thus, helping make the aggregation of data on your PC or server possible to check in real-time.


One of the many benefits of a handheld computeris it is wireless. When you use a wireless system, you can send out data, whether information or instructions, in real-time. With paper aggregation, you will need to manually input all data and be able to check it only after business operations. You will also have to ensure that all crucial information regarding the inventory and warehouse is complete and entered into the PC or central server. On the other hand, a handheld computerallows you to transmit data while performing the work, allowing you to check the work status in real-time. With a handheld computer, you can accomplish tasks and manage data with no time lag.

In addition, with a handheld computer, your work process, say inputting data into your central server, can be checked in real-time as long as the data is automatically read and transmitted. Compared to paper aggregation, you cannot study or view the progress until the work or inputting of information is entirely done, completed, or until a problem occurs. A handheld computerallows you to check and track data in detail, allowing users to optimise its functionality.



A handheld computerallows users to send out data in real-time. With a wireless handheld computertype or model, you cannot only send results from the handheld computerto the central serverbut also allows you to send the information from the PC to the handheld device. So if you’re utilising the PC or central server and you have some instructions for one of your staff, you can send it via your computer to their handheld computer. It allows you to smoothly and efficiently send instructions to change work or match the current situation happening in your business.

A handheld computer comes in very handy in restaurant or dining businesses. When it comes to working in these industries, their tasks require quick processes. Whether picking up food orders from customers, placing orders in the central server or kitchen, or processing the payment or bill, the situation in restaurants changes constantly. Furthermore, management in these settings is demanding due to the work proceeding while changes occur. Because of this, more and more businesses have been switching to using a handheld computer.


Accuracy and reliability are two features handheld computer users most love and appreciate. With a handheld computer, you are eliminating the chances of making mistakes with real-time data verification and confirmation. Moreover, it allows you to move where the data that needs checking and inspecting is stored. A wireless handheld computer enables you to move freely and physically as long as you connect your handheld device to your central server. It promotes mistake-free, reliability, and accuracy when recording data, thus, making data management more efficient and convenient.


Be it a rugged tablet, atex tablet, a POS system, zebra scanner, a handheld computer, or other technological advancements. When you run a business, investing in software applications and devices that can help better your business operations and the efficiency of your staff is necessary. A handheld computeris one of the best business investments you can have. It provides unprecedented convenience. With a handy digital notebook or what people call a handheld computer, you can stay organised, improve your business operations, and increase efficiency within your business premises.

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