Clearing customs is necessary for each shipment traveling between overseas locations. The shipping businesses and shipping companies must be knowledgeable and aware of this and maintain a close eye on any new customs rules relating to customs in order to avoid skipping any necessary documentation while engaging in international trade. Each nation has its laws and rules as set by the state or the government.

 A lot of paperwork needs to be checked and presented throughout the process of customs clearance whether digitally or practically together with the shipment, as it makes it simpler for the responsible officials to determine the fees and taxes that are imposed on the shipment. You can rely on Clearit USA Amazon fba customs for all the complicated documentation because they are experts in this. To know more about the things that you should keep in mind about commercial customs clearance, keep on reading!

  • Billing of proforma is needed

Proforma invoices are documents that outline the item to be sold, just like purchase orders do. It is produced in accordance with the conditions agreed upon between both parties using a recognized means, including fax, mail, or telephone. Before the sales transaction is completed, a purchasing order is also issued.

  • Packing list for customs is essential

The parties participating in the process can compare the products mentioned on the list of customs packing with those listed on the proforma invoice. The shipment list, which is included with foreign shipments, gives shipping firms details on the contents of the shipment.

  • Invoice of shipment is important

The transporter issues a shipping invoice to the shipper. It serves as proof of the agreement for the transportation of the items listed by the transporter. It must be legally verified by an authorized agent from the shipper and includes product information such as number, kind, and the location where the items are to be shipped.

  • Certificate of credit is mandatory

The letter of authorization is provided by the bank of the importer and states that the importers or receiver will honor paying the amount stated to finish the transaction to the shipper or the transporter.


Customs clearance is necessary for a shipment or consignment to successfully travel worldwide borders, and that necessitates the processing and submission of the above-mentioned paperwork. Although each nation has its laws and norms, these are some general ones that apply to nearly all nations.