Steer obvious from the crop fertilizer damage not just master the most effective fertilization, but in addition control way to obtain water, and taking advantage of fermented organic manure can also be needed for that improving soil and crop growth.

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(1) Choose standard fertilizer.

(2) Apply appropriate amount of fertilizer.

Ammonium bicarbonate per mu shouldn’t exceed 25 kg, and uncover closing an eye on soil after deep application The quantity of urea applied per mu must be controlled below 10kg When applying foliar fertilizer, the very best power various trace elements is usually between .01% and .1%, and macroelement (for example nitrogen) is between .3% and 1.5%.

(3) Seed fertilizer isolation.

When sowing arid crops, fertilizer must be applied to start with and mixed towards the soil layer to prevent direct mention of the seeds.

(4) Reasonable method of getting water.

When arid soil is simply too dry, you have to irrigate the soil moderately prior to deciding to apply fertilizer, or include it with water to irrigate the soil. When applying volatile chemical fertilizer to paddy field, you have to keep your appropriate shallow water layer within the field, then execute medium tillage.

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(5) Uniform application .

When disbursing fertilizer, you need to concentrate on uniformly applying, as needed, can mix the right amount of dirt powder or dirt to spread together.

(6) Timely fertilization.

Generally, it’s appropriate to utilize after dew dry within the sunrise, or fertilization within the mid-day, do in the hot sun. In addition, must require using organic manure through compost fermentation. NPK compound fertilizer can also be the fundamental the crops development and growth.

(7) When the aforementioned fertilizer damage occurs the crop carelessly, appropriate irrigation, drainage, or elimination of the affected parts along with other relevant measures must be taken quickly to deal with its development and promote the go back to normal growth.

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