Intruders are currently all over. They lurk in almost every corner, awaiting you to leave your residential property for them to go as well as take advantage of your home. Due to this, individuals who are conscious of safety have considered using better door locks and household/HDB gates. Even if Singapore has low rates of crime, it’s still better to equip yourself with the best possible measure to ensure the safety of your household and your family. Hence many invest in using auto gates and some even opt to look for fire rated doors in Singapore to ensure safety even at times of emergency.

When it comes to safety and security, we should never shy away from the idea to reinforce better solutions. In today’s world, where technological innovation is highly valued, even the simplest form of devices and everyday items that we use are enhanced. The use of an electronic and digital door lock in Singapore slowly becomes part of a measure that enhances the overall security system from commercial infrastructure to households.

The use of an electronic door lock in Singapore has become a sophisticated remedy for safety and convenience for many local homes. But why does it really matter, and does your home require you to have one?

What is a Digital Door Lock?

Both electronic and traditional mechanical locks have similar securing devices—the distinction and difference between the two lies in the method you use to unlock your door. Making use of a digital lock means without the need for a key to unlock your door. It is already done via digital/electronic means such as entering passcodes, using a smartphone, or using its digital biometric scan to gain entry.

Means of Opening Digital Locks

As we’ve said recently, there are many means of opening digital door locks. From Bluetooth to biometrics and integrated card reader, there are various systems that you can look for when buying digital door locks. A digital door lock in Singapore may fit your home and satisfy your needs, whether it’s a convenience or aesthetic design.

Weighing The Pros & Cons For Buying Digital Door Locks

Each kind of door lock has its benefits and drawbacks. As an example, both biometric and password electronic door locks do not need a card for access. But in some situations, unfamiliar people who need to go into or out of your home without your presence will be able to make it work. Nonetheless, biometric locks are safer than password locks as you cannot copy fingerprints.

It’s essential to measure the drawbacks and advantages before you decide to purchase a particular type of digital/electronic door locks for your home. However, if you plan to buy one, make sure you only go for trusted brands/suppliers of electronic door locks in Singapore instead of looking for the cheapest one in the market.

Digital Door Locks As Part Of Smart Home System – Reasons to Invest On One

Suppose you plan to build a smart-home system in your place. In that case, you’ll intend to make sure that your digital door lock fits in effortlessly within your existing home security system. Suppose you are considering upgrading your residence or HDB. In that case, however, if you lack a sophisticated smart security system for your home, you won’t make a mistake investing and buying from sellers of digital door locks in Singapore. Here are reasons to invest in buying one! It’s simple, easy-to-use and grants you better security without setting up and installing complicated security devices to your home or condo.

Easy Access & Affordable Security

Apart from the mentioned method of gaining entry, there are more accessible ways than turning the knobs. For example, some digital locks have a double-crossed latch that allows a much easier and quicker way to push doors.

Most households can also unlock their door by making use of WI-FI or Bluetooth to gain access. Some would even include smartphone applications that will act as the central control for your digital door lock. Also, it’s easy to browse the most convenient and well-designed digital/electronic door locks in Singapore at an affordable price.

Convenience Without the Need for Keys

Many are still using a standard door lock that uses only mechanical keys to secure the door before leaving or getting in. What can be easier than replacing it with a digital door lock that allows you to unlock through various means? Bringing an entire bunch of keys and losing them is a common problem for many.

With digital door locks, you no longer need to bring keys nor even worry about where you last placed them. That’s one less thing to stress over, and you don’t need to look for every place, pocket and purse for that small house key. Going keyless is an excellent choice for many and for those who quickly lose their keys and worry about getting inside their home or locking themselves out. It’s highly convenient and hassle-free, and that idea alone is why many locals are investing in some finest models of digital door locks in Singapore!

Easy Device Integration

More families are seeking to transform their ordinary homes with smart devices and security systems. The growing trend for innovation and smart devices saw the opportunity for electronic digital locks to become the next essential for home security. Much like how HDB gates matter for many, digital door locks for home security are becoming more crucial needs than a sophisticated desire for high-end security solutions.

Some of Singapore’s finest and premium digital electronic door lock models are starting to take advantage of the integration features for expanded controls that encompass other different household devices (think about refrigerators as an example) and not just on your front/back door at home. Some models are even using Amazon Alexa’s features, while others are widely utilising easy voice commands.

Better Safety & Security In Smarter Way

Only authorised persons can surpass the door with a thumbprint or password. Some electronic door lock designs allow you to offer remote access to guests or even WiFi. For instance, you might create passwords that your visitors can use to permit temporary access, whether it’s for professional service work for your home or visiting relatives.

Some models of digital door locks can even use software/notifications to remind you if you have forgotten to lock the door or alert you when someone is trying to gain entry. You can even look for a particular digital or electronic door lock in Singapore that has built-in sensors/cameras or even gesture-controlled remotes for whatever you desire to protect your home.

All in all, you can never go wrong even investing in digital door locks!