Dinner theaters provide a full evening of investigations and impressive murder mystery stories. With each performance, guests are pulled into the investigation and get a chance to solve the murder themselves. Patrons that want to set up a special evening to propose could set up a truly unique experience for their loved one.

Setting Up the Perfect Mystery

Patrons of the local dinner theater have the option to book a private party package. The reservations give the guests a complete murder mystery with their friends and loved ones. Patrons can search through the calendar for availability for the party and book it according to their favourite story.

When planning the perfect evening, the customer can set up a murder mystery based on their loved one’s favourite murder stories. They can choose a challenging story that their loved one will adore. Once they’ve made all their selections, the customer completes the checkout process and receives a confirmation page for their reservations.

Choose the Perfect Meal

When planning the perfect meal, the customer can review the current selections for the murder mystery show. The customer can set up the traditional dinner which comes with spinach salad, the guest’s choice of entree, and for dessert they receive chocolate mousse cake with berry sauce and cocoa nibs.

The current entree options include lemon marinated chicken supreme, barramundi, and impossible meatballs with zucchini ribbons. When planning a private party, the customer may have the option to choose from the dinner menu. To learn more about setting up the private meal, patrons can visit https://www.thedinnerdetective.com/seattle/ for more information now.

Present Murder Mystery Clues

The perfect proposal requires strategic planning with the staff, and the customer could add clues to the show to give their loved one subtle hint to solve the mystery. The staff can help them set up mystery clues that make it more fun and challenging for the visitors. It’s a terrific way to set up an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Enjoy Sparkling Cocktails

Throughout the evening, the patrons can enjoy drinks from the full bar. The guests will enjoy refreshing cocktails as they try to figure out the mystery. The drinks are also available at the time of the customer’s proposal to celebrate the moment.

Choose the Perfect Moment

The staff can help the customer plan the perfect moment to propose. If they have set up the proposal as a part of the mystery, the staff can present the engagement ring with the clues to the guest of honour. They will get the ring from the customer at the right moment to avoid revealing the surprise. The staff can provide all the assistance the customer needs to make the moment even more special.

Dinner theaters provide exceptional choices for a marriage proposal, and customers can book private parties that include all of their friends and loved ones. It’s easy to set up the party package online and make all selections. The customer can discuss their plans with the staff and get all the help they need. Patrons can learn more about the private parties by visiting the theater now.