Managing your company’s subscriptions can be time-consuming, complicated, and downright frustrating.

This is where subscription management software (SMS) comes into play: SMS is a cloud-based application that manages all of your company’s subscriptions. With it, you can review and renew every one of your subscriptions in one place – regardless of its vendor – and avoid the headache of having to contact each vendor individually. Sounds like a good deal, right?

If you’re looking for an easier way to manage all of your company’s subscriptions, read on to find out about the benefits this type of software can offer you.


Why it is important to manage your company’s subscriptions

Managing your company’s subscriptions is crucial if you want to keep your business running smoothly and meet the needs of your employees.  In order for your business to succeed, you need to have a consistent supply of products and services to meet the needs of customers. 

Without a steady supply of products and services, you are at risk of losing sales, especially in times when demand is low or when competitors are offering similar products at lower prices. Managing all of these subscriptions can be time-consuming and complicated.

Why you should invest in subscription management software

If you’re maintaining all of your company’s subscriptions, you’ll want to keep track of all of them. And, in many cases, that includes tracking which accounts are active.

With subscription management software (SMS), you can keep track of everything from your company’s subscriptions to any associated marketing materials for each account – and ensure that those documents are updated in real-time as new information becomes available.


How SMS works

SMS is a subscription management software that lets you manage all of your company’s subscriptions and the associated billing information. SMS can also be used to manage recurring payments if you want to be able to charge your customers every month on their anniversary instead of once per year.

To use this service, simply contact the company’s support team, who will help you register for an SMS account. Then, you can use it to review and manage all of your company’s subscriptions and billing information.


Benefits of using SMS

SMS can tremendously help your business by reducing the time spent on subscription management. You’d think that a simple app would only require you to set up a few settings and then everything would be as it should be, but SMS is actually much more complex than this.

It takes an awful lot of work to run your company’s SMS account properly, especially if you want to manage every single subscription. This is where SMS comes in handy: You can easily set automatic renewal for all or just certain subscriptions and set reminders and alerts whenever those renewals are due. The convenience of setting up the app is so appealing, in fact, that almost half of companies say they use SMS to manage their company’s subscriptions.



If you’re not using SMS you’re missing out on the opportunity to save money and increase your business productivity as well as your company’s brand recognition. Whether you want to build relationships with new customers or recruit a group of people it’s important to have a system in place to manage your subscriptions. SMS is a great way to do this, with the added benefit of not having a false sense of security.