Volcanic Organic Compounds or VOC are dangerous chemical substances that will vaporize in the atmosphere at room temperature. After some time, these chemicals will be released into the air which is also known as off-gassing. In addition, many volatile organic compounds removal methods are used. They can be a cause of many harmful medical conditions such as fatigue, cancer, dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, and breathing difficulties.

Earlier, the amount of VOCs in paints was high as they were oil-based chemicals. Thus, the government has initiated strict guidelines so that this won’t happen again. Also, they have aimed at providing people with more awareness on the customer part. However, most of the paints are water-based which have very low or no VOCs.

Ways To Remove VOCs From Indoor Air

How to remove VOCs from indoor air? Is one of the most asked questions. So, here are some of the ways that can help in removing VOCs from indoor air.

  1. Increase In Ventilation

If all the indoor spaces have sufficient air ventilation and flow then the problem of exposure to such chemicals will be decreased. People who have a home with central air and heating can install some special features to reduce the VOC levels from indoors.

  1. Installing A Air Purifier

Portable air purifiers are an excellent approach to reduce the concentration of potentially harmful organic compounds in the house or business areas. Many include several filters that can trap not only big particles like dust and debris but also nanoparticles, which helps in purifying the indoor air quality.

  1. Adding Potted Plants In Your Building

Some researchers have discovered that particular varieties of potted plants are good at removing VOCs. In many experiments, greenery such as bromeliads, jade plants, and dracaena has been proven to absorb some toxins emitted into the air. Thus, helps in preventing them from causing respiratory diseases.

  1. Do Not Allow Cigarette Smoke Inside Home

Toxic compounds in cigarette smoke include formaldehyde, benzene, and more than 70 other substances linked to lung cancer. Secondhand smoke can permeate into walls, flooring, and furniture even if the individual smoking opens a window for ventilation. Thus, the best way to remove cigarette smoking is to never allow them to come inside.


Paint coating helps the wall to stay durable, aesthetically pleasing, and hygienic. Thus, these paints must be of good quality as well as not contain any VOC chemicals. Also, make sure the paints are water bases instead of oil-based.