As the world battles the effects of the coronavirus pandemic to find a way back to normal life, the logistics industry, one of the worst-hit at the height of the pandemic, is bouncing back with increased strength. 2021 saw an increase in the demand for products such as HC sustainable packaging solutions to meet the increasing volume of goods moved around the world. In 2022, we can expect to see the following:

Greater Packaging Responsibility

In 2022, we can expect to see more manufacturers complying with the extended producer responsibility (EPR) trend. Two US States, Maine, and Oregon, have passed laws that require manufacturers of packaging to commit to a cleaner environment by assisting in the collection and recycling of packaging. As more manufacturers get involved, packaging solutions will become better and environmental efforts will yield better results.

Packaging manufacturers will also be required to be transparent about their products’ descriptions. California recently passed a law that mandates packaging producers to be “truthful” about the recyclable parts of their products. Speculations are that several other US states will pass similar laws in 2022.

Greater Adoption of Sustainable Packaging

We can also expect to see greater adoption of sustainable packaging solutions in 2022. Packaging such as HC sustainable packaging solutions will see increased demand as more countries and industries fulfill the pledge to a greener world. At the UN Climate Change Conference held in Glasgow last year, many speakers warned that unless drastic actions are taken, we may face a global climate disaster in a short time. The adoption of sustainable packaging solutions will help industries reduce their carbon footprint.

IKEA is reportedly testing a new packaging solution of biodegradable packaging made from agricultural waste and fungus (mushroom).

Greater Association with Recycling

More brands will be eager to associate with sustainable packaging solutions as they seek to make their brands stronger. The underlying cause is the growing attention that sustainable packaging is gaining. According to Statista, in 2021, sustainable packaging accounted for 42% of packaging components that convinced people to buy from online stores in the UK.

Safety Standards Will Increase

The logistics industry will keep prioritizing safety in 2022. We can expect higher standards of safety from HC sustainable packaging solutions and others in the industry this year. This will be driven by an increase in demands for raw materials and finished products as the world adjusts to life with the rampant pandemic.

Sustainable packaging solutions will get more attention this year, and we can expect more people to adopt them.