Nowadays, it is not sufficient to have just one monitor on your desk. There are countless numbers of mounts that you can use to mount one or two monitors on your desk, but what if you want more than two. What if you need 3 or 4 monitors on your desk? 

Here are the most common multi-monitor mounts that you can get for your desk which can help you mount more than 2 monitors. 

  1. 3 monitors mount: There are few different variations when it comes to mounting 3 monitors on your desk with two different mounting styles and three different monitor configurations. The most common and widely used is the 3×1 monitor stand, which is three monitors placed side by side and can hold up to 18lbs.  The 1×3 monitor mounts feature the monitors stacked vertically and can hold monitors within 27” and can hold up to 27lbs. Moreover, some monitor mounts can have a pyramid configuration, featuring two monitors on the bottom row and one on the top. These types of mounts can easily hold up to 22lbs and can be easily mounted with an adjustable swivel and 360 degrees of rotation.

  2. 4 monitors mount: There are two different types of mounting style and three different types of monitor configuration when it comes to mounting 4 monitors together. The most common and widely accepted mount for 4 monitors is the 2×2 configuration, that is two monitors on the bottom and two on the top row, holding easily up to 31lbs of weight. The second configuration comes with a 3×1 configuration mount. This mount features three monitors stacked horizontally on the bottom row with one on the top. These types of mounts can hold monitors up to 27” in length and a total weight of 27lbs. Last but not least is the 4×1 adjustable monitor mount. This mount features 4 monitors stacked horizontally in one row, which can hold up to 30lbs of weight with adjustable swivels and rotations.

  3. 6 monitor mount: 6 monitor mounts are used when you need to display something within a large field. The most common mount in this category is the 3×2 mount, which features three monitors on both the top and the bottom row giving it the option of holding 25lbs of weight. The last configuration lets you mount 6 monitors in one row, i.e 6×1 configuration. 

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