Mining, food processing, printing, heavy industry, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, computer, power plants, use conveyor systems. You name the industry, and conveyor systems are present. Conveyor systems work twenty-four by seven. They directly affect profitability and efficiency. Companies cannot afford downtime in conveyor systems. Any downtime leads to a manpower idling time, production cycle delay, directly affecting output, profitability, efficiency. The availability of conveyor parts and accessories is crucial to avoid downtime. The industry should have conveyor parts and accessories readily available. For this, they need to tie up with a reliable supplier of conveyor parts and accessories. No point in keeping them in inventory as this could escalate costs.

Before going into conveyor parts and accessories, we need to understand the most common problems associated with conveyor systems. Conveyor systems carryback occurs when the material gets stuck in voids or the surface. The material is transported back to the source. Repeated carryback results in material loss and hence affects profit and efficiency. Mistracking or belt misalignment is another problem. The belt jumps off and is cut by the frame of the conveyor, resulting in serious downtime. Leads to material spillage. Loading, unloading operations are causes. Slippage, dust are other issues. When speeds of the pulley and belt are different, slippage occurs. Heat and friction generation occurs. Lead to fire and material destruction. Losses are huge. Control required.

Constituents of conveyor parts and accessories are idlers, impact beds, and pulleys. Idler or roller moves products on a belt conveyor. No power transmission occurs. Sealed bearings are part of idlers. Impact beds are critical components in a conveyor system. The load is absorbed by the impact beds preventing wear and tear. Proper impact beds, low material cost. Pulleys are application-specific. They can be custom-designed as per the application. Mechanisms like heavy-duty shells, self-cleaning, wear reduction have specific pulley designs.

The other conveyor accessories are polyurethane belt scraper, permanent magnet, mechanical belt fastener, metal detectors, conveyor rollers, conveyor roller stations, conveyor drums. Sticky materials part of belts cleaned by scrapers. Spillage prevention and material carry back avoided due to scrapers. Primary and secondary are two types. Ferrous material removed by permanent magnets. Damage to crusher and mils avoided. Belt repair and joining done by mechanical belt fasteners. There are two types — Hinged and standard mechanical belt fasteners. Roller brackets and supports are other accessories. Metal parts damage to crushers and mils prevented by a metal detector. Metals of 150mm thickness are detected. Three types of conveyor drums are present – Rubber-coated dry drums, polyurethane-coated dry drums, and idle drums. Conveyor belts are flat, textured, and profiled. The profiled type used for incline applications. Textured type for low friction, ease of cleaning, and adhesion applications.

Conveyor systems operate in extreme conditions like high temperature, low temperature, humidity, dusty environment. In such conditions possibility of downtime is more. Conveyor parts need to be robust, high quality, easy to install, high performance, flexible, and cost-effective. Remember to select a conveyor parts and accessories manufacturer who is versatile, robust, efficient, and promises minimum downtime.