The first step to leveraging new TikTok features for more likes is simply being aware of them as they launch. Follow the official @TikTok Creators account and turn on notifications so you get alerted about the latest creative tools and platform updates. TikTok also publishes articles highlighting new features in their TikTok Newsroom. When a significant new feature drops, like when TikTok rolled out the ability to create videos up to 10 minutes long, you’ll want to take notice and brainstorm if and how you could use it in your content. Consider whether a new tool or effect aligns with your niche and style and would resonate with your target audience.

Look for early adopter opportunities

Once you’re aware of the TikTok feature, consider if there could be an advantage to being an early adopter when a new creative effect or editing tool first launches. The TikTok algorithm gives extra visibility and promotion to videos that use it. This is a way for TikTok to showcase the new feature and inspire more creators to try it.

If you can create a unique and engaging video using a newly released feature, jump on it! Before a new effect or filter becomes overused, getting in early can lead to leans and likes.  For example, when TikTok launched the Photo Mode feature for who made photo series in the first forgetting in early w days after it became available, saw considerable spikes in likes and followers. Their Photo Mode posts were shown to more users on the For You page

See what’s trending

  1. Beyond brand-new feature launches, watch TikTok’s effects, sounds, and tools currently trending. Scroll through the Discovery tab and your For You page to see what’s popular. Are certain filters, video formats, or editing styles getting a lot of traction? Is a particular effect going viral and sparking a trend or challenge?
  2. If you notice a feature or creative element blowing up that fits your content style, put your spin on it. Participating in trends using popular features and putting your unique twist on them is a proven way to increase likes and reach new audiences engaging with that trend.
  3. For instance, when the AI manga filter started trending on TikTok, all sorts of creators, from beauty influencers to athletes, hopped on the trend by sharing videos of their AI-generated manga avatars. This helped them reach viewers who were exploring that trending effect.

It’s also okay if some new TikTok avatars need to fit you. Not every trend is worth hopping on for every creator. If a new effect or tool doesn’t align with your brand, skip it and focus on the ones that do. Forcing a feature into your videos that doesn’t mesh with your vibe could backfire and lead to lower likes and engagement.