Surveillance cameras are supposed to enhance our security and safety. No wonder many countries use security cameras as their effectiveness in deterring and solving crimes have been proven many times.

Commercial establishments partner up with a CCTV supplier in Singapore to equip their property with cutting-edge security cameras. Even residents believe in the power of surveillance cameras as well. Many get home CCTV installation in Singapore to deter burglars from breaking into their homes and monitor the safety of the family, too.

Although the primary job of a CCTV camera in Singapore is to enhance security, there are circumstances where it cannot protect itself from attacks. It has a few vulnerabilities that owners should be mindful of. This article will shed light on surveillance camera threats and how you can combat them.

The Threats and Challenges CCTV Cameras Face Today

If a benevolent person works hard, the wicked works harder. There are no security measures that guarantee 100% protection. Even the world’s largest banks with the most stringent security measures have recorded heists. What can a CCTV camera do against external attacks?

The good thing is that you can combat these attacks by following prevention and countermeasures on your CCTV camera in Singapore.

Here are the threats and vulnerabilities of CCTV cameras in Singapore:

Severe weather damage

Let us start with the easiest and perhaps the uncontrollable one– severe weather damage. It can also be your last problem if your wireless CCTV camera for your home in Singapore is indoors. However, you should be extra mindful if your camera is outdoors.

Weather damage includes rain, wind and lightning, heat and sunlight, and pollution and snow in some countries.

Firstly, thunderstorms can cause damage to your CCTV camera in Singapore through water and lightning. Water can seep into the camera lens and housing, soaking the system inside. It can cause irreversible damage to your camera.

On the other hand, if you mount your CCTV camera to a higher place, such as poles, there is a chance of being struck by lightning. During thunderstorms, poles attract lightning due to the charges they emit.

Once the lightning strikes, the high volume of electric current destroys the cameras, transmitters, and cable links, shutting down the entire system.

Moreover, lashing winds can topple down poles and a poorly installed outdoorwireless CCTV camera for your home in Singapore.

Secondly, heat and sunlight during summer, where the temperature is exceedingly high, impair the performance of your camera. A CCTV camera in Singaporeconsists of parts that operate in a colder environment, similar to other electronic devices. High temperatures can cause them to overheat. Be mindful of blinding sunlight glares during the day as well.

Lastly, pollution can shroud the camera lens with dust particles from smoke, soil, and others.


To prevent water damage, make sure to ask your CCTV camera supplier in Singaporefor one with water-resistant housing. You can also add a raincoat sleeve to ensure that no water will seep into your CCTV camera.

You can minimise the electrical damage due to a lightning strike to your poles by installing lightning rods and an arrester on the post. You can also purchase a lightning prevention system that reduces the chance of lightning strikes.

When it comes to heat and sunlight damage, place your camera under a shade and avoid direct sunlight. Choose a home CCTV installation in Singapore with a built-in cooling system, such as fan, blower, and coolants.

Lastly, wipe your lens regularly to prevent the accumulation of thick layers of dust on the lens.


Vandalism is another type of external damage to yourCCTV camera in Singapore. People, especially hoodlums, intentionally break, dismantle, cut the wires, and obscure the view by covering the lens with objects or spray paints of CCTV cameras. Vandalism destroys beyond repair your camera.


If your CCTV camera acts as a visual deterrent, meaning you place it deliberately in plain sight, you can create or put them inside a locked cage. The metal cage can protect it from hits, lashings, and whips.

You can also install it in a higher spot where it is unreachable by either bat or spray paint.

You can opt for awireless CCTV camera for your home in Singapore, so hoodlums have no cables to cut.

Lastly, hide your camera in secluded spots. You can put them behind the bush with camouflage coverings, inside a birdhouse, or in between the books.

Outlaws will never suspect that you have CCTVs around.


Apart from physical damage, people can also hijack yourCCTV camera in Singaporedigitally. There are lots of videos on the internet about cases of hacking of doorbell cameras, baby monitors, and even CCTV cameras.

Through sophisticated hacking work, people can gain unauthorised access and control to the surveillance cameras and their footage. Some even broadcast the live footage your camera records on cyberspace. Worst of all, you have no idea that you are being spied on through your surveillance camera.


Firstly, only buy home CCTV installation in Singapore from a reputable supplier.

Make sure to ask your CCTV supplier in Singapore for surveillance cameras with end-to-end encryption. It is harder for hackers to intrude if your camera has strong encryption.

Use different passwords and usernames for your CCTV camera. Make sure to change the password regularly.

Lastly, keep your CCTV system’s firmware updated.


Outdated firmware

Firmware is the software of your CCTV cameras. Like your computer, CCTV cameras need a regular firmware update. Ignoring these updates can open leeways for cyber attacks and CCTV camera hijacking in Singapore. Outdated firmware slows down the performance of your surveillance camera as well.


Keep your CCTV camera system’s firmware up to date and ensure that the firmware update is compatible with your CCTV model.


Don’t be complacent about your security. Even security solutions have their vulnerabilities. Yet, you can outsmart attackers who are taking advantage of these vulnerabilities by applying countermeasures.


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