Ever worked for even a short period as an ordinary employee at any business? Then you’ll know that travelling from your home to your office and vice versa is part of the daily grind. For some people, the journey can be even more stressful than their actual workday. And you’ll have to make that journey twice in one day! Short of getting a stay at home job, there’s no way you can escape this responsibility.

Whether you have a car to drive or commute to work, there are a lot of headaches involved in travelling every day. For example, you have to think about the daily fees of taking public transportation if you commute regularly. And if you drive a car to work, you need to mind gas expenses and parking fees. Wouldn’t it be easier to have some sort of private transport service in Singapore?

If you own a business then you should know full well that location and travel time is crucial in determining employee performance. People who arrive to work tired after a long commute will likely perform worse than those who arrive well-rested. They may also have attendance problems and issues with tardiness. Many people turn down great job offers due to issues with workplace location. It’s no wonder that business owners consider having a shuttle bus transport in Singapore for their employees.

As a business owner, you’re not completely helpless when it comes to addressing employees’ difficulties in travelling to the office. You can make it easier for your employees by offering affordable transport options. Many bus companies in Singapore offer bus rentals or shuttle bus services to others.

What is a shuttle bus service?

A shuttle service is any type of service that transports passengers from one point to another. You can differentiate a shuttle service from a regular bus by the fact that shuttles are hired by another company, individual, or group. Shuttle services can vary wildly depending on the purpose they’re hired for. For example, a shuttle bus can be a small minibus that fits less than 20 people, or they can be large buses that can transport up to 50. Shuttle bus services can also be hired for a one-time event, or they can be regular services that transport nearly every day.

Here are a few ways people would use a shuttle bus company in Singapore.

1) Weddings and other parties. What if your loved ones live far from the party area? It might be easier to get everyone to your location by getting a shuttle bus to transport them from a more convenient point to the venue.

2) Hotel or resort transport. If you run a hotel business, then you’re probably aware of the many difficulties that tourists have to deal with. One of them is locating where your hotel is from where they arrive in the country. Countless hotels from around the world use shuttle services that transport guests from a common location to the hotel and vice versa.

3) Employee shuttles. Businesses also make use of this private transport service in Singapore to help their employees get to work safely and conveniently. It’s extremely helpful for those who are coming and heading to the same destination.

4) Airport transport. Similar to hotel or resort transport, a shuttle service originating in the airport can bring you several tourist destinations or top hotels. In fact, many places that offer accommodation have shuttles transporting people from the airport.

Why should your business invest in a shuttle bus service?


Why do businesses offer this, considering the hefty bus rental Singapore price? The monthly costs of shuttle services don’t come cheap, especially if you plan to hire several vehicles. But there are many upsides to offering shuttle services that makes them worth the price. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a shuttle service.

1) It reduces the stress of your employees. Commuting or driving to work can be a stressful experience. Spending too much time in traffic jams, waiting in long queues, and walking long distances is not something that anyone would want to endure before an hours-long workday. Why not help increase your employees’ productivity and focus by reducing travel-related stress?

2) A shuttle service can attract new employees. Shuttle services are a free transport service that will be available to all your employees. It’s just another perk that can tell prospective new employees that your business is a great place to work in. Not all companies have the benefit of shuttle bus transport in Singapore.

3) Save up on costs. People who commute to work need to mind transport fees (e.g., train tickets) and people who drive to work have to pay costs like gas and toll fees. By getting a shuttle service, you reduce the costs that travellers have to pay to get to work. This makes working at your office even more desirable.

4) Reduce your environmental impact. This might sound like a small matter, but you’ll be surprised to know how many people care. When your employees take private vehicles or commute separately, they have a bigger carbon footprint than those who use a shuttle bus company in Singapore to commute together.

5) Reduce the chances of attendance or tardiness issues. By offering an alternative to employees who need to commute or drive to work every day, you can lower the chances of late arrivals to work. Most shuttle services operate on a schedule, which makes their leave and arrival times much more predictable. People who choose to take a shuttle service can plan out their schedules more efficiently.

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