Andrew Sobko is one to be-watched. Andrew is a well-known entrepreneur at the cutting edge of innovation, and his reputation has surpassed himself in philanthropy, sustainability, and environmentalism.  

Innovation and motivation

Sobko is a motivator who supports his team to expand their visions. To commit themselves to learning, exploring new ideas & alternatives, and united by their curiosity. He, himself, has built his success on hard work, ideation, and is involved in several business ventures of his own. A massive part of his working philosophy is to show the whole team there is always paramount to the success of the end goal.  

In the forefront of innovation & technology

Technology is a particular area of interest, and with a natural flair for innovation, it’s no wonder that Andrew’s entrepreneurship includes fintech and artificial intelligence. As the CEO of Project One Capital, a one hundred percent model-driven, alpha-learning AI algorithm designed for pinpointing market demand projections.

CDL 1000 supply chain logistics

One of Andrew’s most well-known enterprises in the supply chain logistics is the company CDL 1000, Inc. Andrew led the project from the front, and CDL 1000, Inc. is built on pioneering solutions to warehousing, haulage, and while incorporating intermodal drayage systems; the specialty logics service of utilizing more than one mode of transport and the transportation over a short distance as part of an overall longer distance transportation. Maximizing logistic opportunities are managed by his 3PL smart logistics technology, a platform featuring AI-driven aspects. Smart logistic technology brings solutions and convenience to the supply chain industry. The technology is assisting consumers, drivers, brokers with real-time tracking, availability of the historical database of all loads, and a driver app. CDL 1000, Inc. employs over 200 people in the Chicago area and is on the rise to hiring hundreds more nationwide while remaining one of Andrew’s most profitable companies.

Business ventures 

Andrew is the Founder and CEO of several other companies, most notably Project One Capital. President of The New York Central Holdings LLC, a council member of Forbes, and involved in a large number of business ventures, like Project One Capital. Project One Capital is a hedge fund company that entirely utilizes AI removing the unpredictable aspect of human error. The Project One hedge fund algorithm is designed with an alpha-learning AI model that continues to develop and apply all future predictive models without human involvement.  

This system has specifically been created to ensure resilience toward volatile markets, particularly the type of global pandemics that have impacted on world markets recently or for instances of global unrest. Andrew has shared the hedge fund project with Rami Jachi, and 60% annualized returns are being predicted. Project One analyzes projects, applying volumes of both peripheral and direct market industry data, all in real-time without human interaction… This means that human programmers cannot keep up with the sophistication of the Project One system or compete against it in a timely way.

Saving jobs & saving lives

A recent notable achievement that Andrew was involved with was the rescue of over thirty people laid off in the logistics industry. By utilizing their long-time skills to deliver containers of life-saving equipment to various locations within the United States, moving things like ventilators, PPE, toilet paper, and beds for triage centers. Andrew together with CDL 1000’s President of Brokerage, Jared Kreiter, put their experience and technology to work to help the citizens of America with the cost of shipping. His passion for utilizing new technologies towards important environmental causes has seen, for example, a focus on recycling.    

Andrew Sobko’s dream… Change the world through innovation.

Growing up, he dreamt of being a leader and changing the world through innovation. Andrew followed his dream and launched his first logistics company in his early twenties. He was driven and his focus ensured that he has strong astuteness in business, which in turn ensures that he continues to succeed in every direction he turns. Today he is at the forefront of AI technology, logistics, and innovation. 

Quality, excellence, mindfulness, and inspiration are all words that you will notice used frequently in connection to the name of Andrew Sobko. As well as, of course, innovation, technology, cutting-edge leadership.

Away, but never away from work

Andrew is a boxing enthusiast and has created a boxing promotional company called “Natex Boxing Promotions,” which was registered in 2016. Naturally, this promotion company is run with the same drive for quality and excellence as his other businesses, but it gives him the added satisfaction; utilizing his business skills to put something back into his main hobby that was the industry he recalls from his childhood. Andrew grew up in the boxing industry, his father was a Ukrainian boxing champion, and Andrew now uses his business acumen to promote this exact sport. Naturally, as an innovator and technical entrepreneur, founded the Natex Boxing Promotions App that launched in 2017.   

Living the dream; Humanitarian 

Andrew Sobko lives in Downtown Chicago with his wife, and together, they are involved in charitable organizations. Their particular focus on treatable mental health. “The importance of good mental health has been heightened in recent years as we are faced with increased stressors of daily life, since Covid-19.” Andrew is building awareness to better support individuals who are struggling with mental illness on their path to mental wellness, and for all of this, he is truly inspiring.