Working as professional workers, both Website Designers and Developers play very distinct roles. Some providers offer great WordPress hosting with optimal performance and affordable (SSD) solid state drive to web designer/web developers for getting more benefits in low cost. They are accountable for different aspects of building a website. A website designer achieves their undertaking by including a created vision of how the site will look, feel, and function. In comparison, web developers use different programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JAVASCRIPT. That help in building a website framework and ensuring its proper functioning.

Web Designer: Website designers are usually hired to make the website look good. To select the best designer for your project, inspect a website designer’s website for clues as to their prowess.A good web designer must expertise with the latest web designing techniques and must know how to use them during web page designing.

Different types of website designer professionals are:

  • UX (user experience designer): They are hired to keep your visitors hooked to your website. They have enough knowledge on crafting different design aspects of the website that your audience will enjoy while visiting your website,
  • UI ( user interface designer): UI expert designers are hires to create graphics, illustrations and to use different photographic artwork and typography techniques to enhance the display and layout of a website.
  • Visual Designer: A graphic designer is an expert with the knowledge of both UI and UX and hires to bring the best for website visitors. They only focus on improving the visitor’s experience by using their extraordinary creative and coding skills and solve the design issues.

Web Developer: Web developers are hired as they have a deep understanding and knowledge of the code and usually focus on the actual functioning of the website instead of the appearance of the website. They use high-level programming languages like Javascript, Node.js, jQuery, PHP, ASP.NET, etc., and build a smooth-running website. a digital marketing agency can help you decide, but be a little bit suspicious of their advice for the best web developer available in the market.

Different type of web developer experts are:

  • Front-end developer: The website’s main page that every user interacts with when they visit the website is the Front-End part of the website. It includes everything that users may interact such as text colors, images, buttons, and navigation menu. The two main objectives that any Front-End developer should focus on are responsiveness and performance of the Front-End. HTML, CSS, and Javascript are the professional languages used by all Front-End developers.
  • Back-End developer: The Back-End is the core designed area of every website. These developers are experts in highly complex languages like Java, SQL, and C#. Unlike Front-End developers, their work is not visible on the browser because they maintain the code of the web servers and databases.
  • Full-Stack developer: They are the master of every part of the website; they are capable enough to develop a complete website. They can work and code Front-End, Back-End, Database, and Debugg any error occurring on the website.