Product liability claims happen if the product causes the user injury due to defects on the manufacturer’s part. It causes fatal accidents, minor injuries, and devastating impacts on the user’s family. Hiring the regan zambri long personal injury attorneys is essential if a defective product injures you. Keep reading the article to explore the different types of product liability claims and the benefits of hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer.

Different kinds of product liability claims

Product liability claims can be classified into various types. Let’s take a look at the essential types:

  • Manufacturing Defect

It happens if the product is manufactured wrongly, making it unsafe. If the vehicle brake pads are not installed properly, it causes brake failure.

  • Design Defect

A design defect occurs when a product’s design is inherently unsafe, even if it is manufactured correctly. When car models tend to roll over without difficulty because of their excellent design, it is unsafe.

  • Marketing Defect

This defect occurs when a product is marketed in a method that does not adequately warn consumers of its potential hazards. When medications don’t have correct warning labels, it causes severe adverse effects to customers.

How can personal injury lawyers help people? 

If you are injured due to product defects, you can hire personal injury attorneys to seek justice and compensation. The attorneys have extensive experience handling product liability claims, so they help you to navigate the complex legal process without hassle.

The personal injury attorney will work with the client to gather evidence to build a strong case on your behalf. On the other hand, they will negotiate with the manufacturer’s insurance company to guarantee that the injured person gets fair compensation. It may include lost wages, pain, medical expenses, and others.

In addition, personal injury attorneys can understand the laws and regulations governing product liability claims that can differ from one state to another. They will help you to claim the file within the limitations statute. The lawyer helps you to meet all legal requirements and increases the chances of successful outcomes.