Singapore is known for its innovative and thriving business scene. From big corporations to start-ups, the state is brimming with professionals that aim to improve lives. One of the most sought-after roles in almost every field is being an accountant—whose expertise is crucial i\when developing and running a business. But did you know that a finance and entrepreneurship expert like you can further develop your skills and provide better services by being a chartered accountant?

What Is A Chartered Accountant?

According to Investopedia, a chartered accountant or CA is an accounting designation recognised by numerous countries around the globe. This said credential enables an accounting professional to be qualified for filing tax returns, auditing statements and providing financial solutions to individuals and organisations.

Being a chartered accounting expert is not the same as working as an accountant. Obtaining the CA title requires professionals to take and pass a series of examinations and complete a specific period of working experience. They also need to participate in distinct programmes, take a chartered accountant course, or join a body to become and maintain their designation.

Obtaining a chartered accounting certification is not a requirement for all finance experts. However, having the chartered accountant title will open numerous doors that would lead you to success. Many accountancy graduates throughout the globe chose to undergo additional programmes and take specific exams to serve their clients better and propel themselves toward progress and prosperity.


What Can You Get From Being A Chartered Accountant?

Almost every young accountancy learner dreams of becoming a chartered accountant since the designation promises a brighter future for them. They can also fulfil more duties and receive more benefits by being a CA. If you are thinking about obtaining a chartered accounting certificate in the state, here are the perks you’ll enjoy:

Improved Skills

When you decide to sign up for a chartered accountant course, you will gain all of the required skills that will help you provide more services and assist your clients better. You can learn about the basics and complexities of tax filing, audit statements, and other duties that would help you become a competent finance professional.

Broadened Knowledge

Programmes like the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales or ICAEW ACA can teach you things you never learned in school. They will help you gain everything you need to become a capable chartered accountant who can attend to the auditing needs of your clients.

Better Career Opportunities

The CA is an accounting certification recognised in numerous parts of the globe—which will give you access to countless career opportunities. More companies will try to get your attention to encourage you to join their growing team. You can also travel to different countries thanks to your designation.

Higher Salary

Numerous individuals want to take a chartered accountant course and become a CA to earn more money—which is not a terrible reason to obtain the accounting certification. Since you will have better skills and broader knowledge, employers are willing to pay you more in exchange for your services.

Access To Various Fields

Being a chartered accountant means having more areas where you can highlight your abilities and expertise. You can join corporations, research institutions, or other institutions as an analyst or a consultant. You can also choose to open your enterprise and work with individuals or organisations in various industries.


How Can You Become A Chartered Accountant?

If you are thinking about becoming a chartered accountant, you must have numerous questions about the process of obtaining such a designation. It can be overwhelming to attempt to join programmes like the ICAEW ACA due to its significance, but there are tips you can follow—including a few below:

Do Your Research

Before signing up for a chartered accountant course, learn about the programme to see if it suits your career and personal goals. If you join the ICAEW, learn about their modules and activities that would help your learning. See what their training sessions are about to guarantee that you can benefit from them.

Check Your Eligibility

Unfortunately, not every chartered accountant course applicant can join certification programmes. Their skills and qualities may not fit the membership criteria, or their sponsors are unqualified to support them. Before submitting your application at programmes like ICAEW ACA, see if you are eligible first to avoid receiving unfortunate news.

Pick A Programme

There are various programmes worldwide that allow professionals to gain a chartered accounting certification—and one of them is the ICAEW ACA. It can be challenging to pick the best one, but always keep your goals and needs in mind when choosing a course to land the ideal programme.

Find A Route

Depending on where you are and where you would like to train, you can take different routes to become a chartered accountant. You can take an accounting, finance, or business degree first before obtaining the CA title, or you could also start your journey to chartered accountancy by switching careers.

Learn About The Application Process

Every chartered accountant course has different application processes. Before submitting documents, forms, or letters to an institution or body, research the procedure to prevent your application from getting rejected or disqualified.

Prepare The Requirements

After learning about the application process of a chartered accountant programme, take time to prepare the required documents and other qualifications. Obtain all the necessary files from the concerned authorities and institutions and diligently fill out the forms. Once you have everything you need, you can submit it to the body that will process your application.

Inquire About The Fees

Do not take a chartered accountant course and join a CA body without learning about the fees you have to settle. The last thing you want is to prepare the required documents for a programme that you cannot afford.

If you think being a chartered accountant could help you achieve your hopes and dreams, you can sign up for an accounting certification programme today at ICAEW Singapore! Visit their website below to learn more.