If you want quick cash, you have two options to choose from to sell your valuable jewellery. First, you can head online and type in “pawn shop near me” or use Craigslist. Both are good options as pawnbrokers always look for fine jewellery and other items to buy and resell. 

On the other hand, Craigslist has a wide selection of people interested in finding good deals for themselves. Furthermore, both are decent alternatives if you sell luxury items, but many believe both are not equally valuable. Therefore, here are the significant advantages of both to decide which one works best. 

The Best Security Guaranteed 

Yes, here, the pawnshop wins the overall competition regarding security. A pawnbroker, transaction occurs at the shop with the management or a business owner. Compared to a pawn shop using Craigslist, many dealings arise at home, alleyways, shops, or parking lots. Thus, you can expect a dangerous trade using Craigslist as you conduct it in an unsafe setting, as people do not reveal identity. 

You Want Instant Cash with Speed 

Yes, dealing with a pawn shop offers you speed with instant cash as you are dealing with a pawnbroker over the counter in the store. However, all that is important when selling your gold jewellery is that the item needs to be in good condition. 

On the other hand, you have a long way to go when using Craigslist. First, you need to publish your luxury items and wait for weeks or months before an interested buyer responds. Then, you may end up reposting your ad a couple of times for response. 

So selling that gold ring to a Rolex watch takes a long time and is inconvenient if you are strapped for cash. Hence, if you fit in with this description needing quick money pawn shops is the best way to go. Selling your jewellery to wearable’s is fast visiting a pawnbroker providing you with instant cash. 

Convenience Matters 

Selling gold or silver merchandise is very convenient when visiting a pawn shop. All you need to do is type in “pawn shop near me” online to find reputable providers and head out to their shop. While selling valuables on Craigslist is a different story. For one, you need to work around the buyer’s schedule, which means meeting them at very inconvenient times early in the morning or late at night. 

So What Do You Think?

Comparing a pawn shop with Craigslist words speak for themselves. As you can see visiting a pawnbroker to sell your watch, gold rings, silver earrings, to even bullion is one of the most convenient ways to get fast cash. 

The important thing is at a pawnshop, you get security with instant cash. It remains a reliable option than standing in an alley, and someone robs you of your expensive Rolex watch or precious gold jewellery, never seen again. 

In turn, this leaves you without your valuable items, and you are still sitting with an unexpected bill that needs paying.