With a tent, you can go almost anywhere in the world. To avoid problems and have your equipment in perfect condition for much longer, you need to take some care. We’ve separated some tips to help you keep your tent ready for the next adventure.

Time To Assemble

Be careful when choosing the place to set up your tent. Some very rough surfaces or stones and branches can gradually compromise the floor of your tent, in addition to being extremely uncomfortable to sleep in. Always look for non-abrasive surfaces. As this is not always possible, one option is to use thick plastic or a tarp under the tent. If this is your case, remember that the idea is that the plastic does not extend beyond the area of the tent to avoid the accumulation of water in case of rain.

Avoid Leaving The Tent Exposed To The Sun For A Long Time

If you spend a few or many days camping in the same place, try to set up your tent in a shady space to prevent it from being exposed to direct sun and heat for a long period. If this is impossible, it is best to dismantle the tent during the day and put it up again at night, at least for a few days. This will prevent the nylon from drying out and deteriorating over time.

During Use

Be careful with sharp items inside the tent. Also, pay attention to the arrangement of luggage and shoes. Avoid having your bags resting on the poles and, whenever possible, leave your shoes out of the tent. In addition to carrying a lot of dirt, shoes also help to wear out the internal materials of the tents.

Treat Zippers With Care

When opening and closing your tent doors and windows, be careful to prevent the zipper from getting caught in any fabric or items in your luggage. If this happens, avoid forcing it to withdraw. Try to loosen it very carefully and, if necessary, resort to some lubricant. Also, keep them clean, as small residues, such as a single grain of sand, are enough for the mechanism to start to jam. Cleaning still prevents the metal from oxidizing.

Never Store Your Tent Dirty Or Damp

This is one of the most important precautions to take to prolong the life of your tent. Before breaking camp, make sure the tent is clean. In addition to removing dry residue, dirt, sand, and grass use a sponge or damp cloth to better clean all the dirt stuck to the nylon of your tent. All parts must be clean, from the floor to the roof. When storing, make sure everything has dried properly. Only after that start bending.

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In conclusion, by following these tips and taking proper care of your tent, you can ensure a longer lifespan for your equipment. Don’t forget to consider adding a Replogle Globes to your camping setup for a unique and informative touch to your outdoor adventure.