On a trip to the snow, there’s nothing more fun than hitting the slopes in style. And for your safety, wearing the right snow goggles is essential, whether snowboarding, skiing, sledding, or any other winter outdoor activity. But in case you still have doubts about the importance of snow glasses, consider these five points that we have listed below or you can visit website:

  1. Snow Goggles Protect Your Eyes From UV Rays

Wearing sunglasses for snow, the famous goggles (ski goggles), is necessary because, contrary to what many people think, the effect of the sun’s rays is potentiated in places with a lot of snow. While sand reflects about 15% of ultraviolet rays, snow can reflect up to 80%, which poses greater risks to your eyesight. The altitude of the ski resorts is another factor that increases the incidence of lightning, even on cloudy days.

  1. They Minimize The Risk Of Aerial Hazards

UV rays are not the only danger your eyes are exposed to on snowy days. If you’re playing winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, you must watch for so-called aerial hazards. A branch, a small rock, and the snow can be hazardous for anyone with unprotected eyes.

  1. Ski Goggles Also Reduce Snow Glare

Having good visibility when skiing is essential for your safety on the slopes. Snow goggles are available with a wide variety of lenses that can help reduce glare from the snowy surface. This increases comfort by avoiding squinting your eyes against strong light, particularly in sunny snow destinations.

  1. They Provide More Contrast During Practice

In addition to reducing glare, you need enhanced contrast to see what’s in front of you on the slopes. And that’s where ski goggles with colored lenses come into play. They add contrast to your view, making bumps, holes, and other details stand out in the landscape. Amber and pink lenses are ideal for cloudy, dark days, while brown lenses add more contrast in bright environments.

  1. Protect Your Face From The Cold In The Mountains

Lastly, snow goggles insulate your face against the cold and shield you from the oncoming mountain icy wind. While they have apertures to prevent fogging, the foam padding, frame size, and large lens area keep wind and snow from getting into your eyes.

Ski goggles are also essential for those who wear prescription glasses. Typical frames will easily fall off your face or get damaged in the middle of playing sports, but proper snow goggles ensure you have the vision support you need while keeping your eyes protected too. You can learn about rock salt supplier such as Rock Salt & De-Icer Supplier in Minneapolis here.