CMA CGM is a leading French container transportation and shipping company. It is a leading and world-famous shipping group and company, using  257 transport routes between 420 ports in 160 different countries. The number of staff members is 110,000 and they help their customers by providing the most pioneering solutions in naval, land, and logistics transport.

Reasons Why CMA CGM is one of the best Shipping Lines

CMA CGM has been in the shipping business for decades and the company provides some world-class services which make it an excellent option for people seeking shipping services. Some of these are :

1.   Premium Quality Shipping Services

They have speedy transportation services for the movement of cargo shipment from one place to another. the company follows safety regulations and operates in compliance with international trade laws. The CMA CGM shipping services ensure the efficient operations of the supply chains of their clients.

2.   Cost-effective services

CMA CGM offers shipping services at feasible prices and gives the assurance of premium services for the exporters who choose to go ahead with them for the transportation of their cargo containers.

3.   Customer-centric company

The company focuses on customers and they have their strategic orientation around their customers. They emphasize the current and future needs of their customer. Their team and network are working constantly in improving the customer needs and services.

4.   Focus on sustainable services

They are taking actual steps on their expedition towards energy evolution. They are counting their customers’ problems and introducing new solutions to decarbonize transport and logistics. They are currently developing second-generation biofuels with customers including some of the world’s leading brands.

5.   Digitally enabled services

The CMA CGM Group uses digital methods and procedures to provide solutions to their customers. They have a platform called My CMA CGM, which can help customers in systematizing and handling their shipments from anywhere in the world. This platform also enables one to do CMA CGM container tracking.

6.   Environment-friendly services

Amongst major environmental challenges, the CMA CGM Group is determined in pursuing its environmental changeover. They have made tangible, ground-breaking decisions to alleviate the cause of their business behavior on the climate, air quality, and biodiversity.

How to do CMA CGM container tracking for your cargo?

You can locate your container via the website or through the mobile application. There are multiple ways you can track your shipment such as:

●     CMA CGM container tracking through booking number

When you book a container, you get a number for your reservation from the carrier or freight forwarder. This is known as the booking number. For tracking your shipment, you can input your booking number on the website or My CMA CGM platform and track your container.

●     Tracking via Bill of Lading number

A bill of Lading legally binds both parties involved in shipping the container. With your Bill of Lading number, you can do CMA CGM container tracking. Just enter the Bill of Lading number and you will be able to locate it via their platform.

●     Tracking via the container number

For every container, there is a unique alpha-numeric sequence called the container number with which you can identify the container. CMA CGM container tracking can be done through the container number as well. You can know more about this process and begin tracking your shipment to manage your supply chain efficiently.

CMA CGM has been offering efficient services since its inception. With its multiple services for assisting your business, you can be assured of top-notch services. As the shipping process is challenging but CMA CGM has developed digital solutions for effective CMA CGM tracking. With such systems, you can have a smooth transportation of the shipping containers, for the success of your business.