Google’s Core Algorithm Update in November 2021 tackled spam and raised the number of links with engaging and efficient content that provides a favourable user experience. What worked in the past to boost your website’s rating in the SERPs will not work in 2022. Here are seven SEO trends for 2022, so you and SEO vendors you work with can rank higher.

#1 Collecting First-Party Data

Google has shaken things up by seeking to phase out third-party cookies.

It is a good step that significantly improves personal data protection for users. SEO vendors and marketers, on the other hand, believe that its retirement is a shot in the foot. As a result, developing a first-party data collecting strategy should be at the top of everyone’s SEO to-do list in 2022.

Essentially, website owners should work hard to bring in substantial new clients and possible leads via search engines. Consult with the SEO agency you collaborate with to provide incentives for captive strategies. It will assist in the collection of contact information on a first-party basis.

It is a critical idea on which all digital marketers must concentrate. The capacity to rely on third-party cookies and other information is rapidly fading.

#2 Improving Page Speed

There is a reason why page speed appears in SEO trends every year.

New smartphones have quicker CPUs, which means they can load websites faster than previously. If you and your SEO vendors do not perform your bit to guarantee your website is ready, you may be alienating your audience.

Furthermore, Google has said that page speed is a criterion for ranking. Improving your page will improve both the overall user experience and your chances of landing a coveted page one place in the SERPs.

There are several amazing plugins your SEO vendors can use for various platforms that identify technical areas for enhancing page load. If it does not address the problem, you may need to upgrade to a higher plan with your web host.

#3 User Experience Expansion

Expanded user experiences are not a fad for SEO services in Singapore and worldwide. The emphasis on providing the best possible impression to your site visitors is becoming a driving factor in search marketing. People will likely leave a website that has a lot of faults. It may have an outdated appearance and a terrible navigation structure as soon as they arrive.

Google records and considers the amount of time spent on a website linked from a search result. A website that users are unlikely to return to is either irrelevant or spammy. The number of users clicking away due to bad UX affects your chances of ranking high in Google SERPs.

Begin by browsing and utilising your website as if you were a guest. Do not be scared to change things up if you find something irritating or generally unpleasant throughout the process. Coordinate the changes you want to make with your SEO agency and plan how you will execute them. Depending on the present state of your page, a fresh site design for the new year may be a good option.

#4 Concentrating on User Intent

It is critical to discuss boosting your website’s focus on user intent for SEO trends in 2022. People searching the internet seek a specific answer to a distinct issue, query, or problem.

As SEO vendors, digital marketers and content developers, it is your responsibility to consider your users. Determine how they will seek the solutions they require. Figure out how you may structure your material to meet their needs.

Making your content the best solution for their needs will attract organic traffic. It will ensure that visitors will stay longer on your page, and it will help build the trust of your target audience.

Google has already started expanding the search to include more AI-driven and intuitive results. It is best to prepare now though it might not happen in 2022. Preparations should begin by angling your content with this mindset.

#5 Digital Marketing Campaigns in Omnichannel

It can be far too easy to compartmentalise different aspects of your overall strategy into separate buckets. However, consumers today are everywhere, all at the same time. 

An average person is on social media pages like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook—or Snapchat, TikTok, or Pinterest.

They use Google to find answers to issues or solutions to problems. If you do not have an omnichannel strategy in place, these same consumers may pass over your page. They are most likely ignoring your website since they do not perceive how everything is linked together.

It is now more crucial than ever for you and your SEO vendors to have a consistent and simplified strategy for all of your digital marketing activities.


#6 Better Interactive Experiences

Interactive experiences is a one-of-a-kind addition to the list of SEO trends that your vendors need to watch in the future year.

These are quizzes, tutorials, movies, or anything other than plain text that attracts users and allows them to interact with your page. Interactive experiences are better for search. It provides the information they need in a more memorable and easier-to-navigate manner.

Interactive experiences are also an excellent method to improve user experience and differentiate yourself from competitors in your field.

It may not be feasible to convert every evergreen topic on your website to an interactive format. Nonetheless, it is a good idea for your SEO agency to assess which pages and keywords are currently bringing in a lot of organic traffic. Come up with ideas for enhancing your website with interactive content.

#7 Optimising for Google Discover 

Google Discover is a fantastic addition to this list of SEO trends for vendors in 2022. It is a feed that gathers relevant information based on what people generally look for and displays it at the top of the search page.

Consider it a “friendless” feed that provides users with the most recent stories, articles, media, videos, and more. Google Discover are themes popular in your region or align with many of your general search interests.

It is critical for the SEO agency to add a visual image that corresponds to your topic and keyword. It should aid in aiming to improve search exposure. Google Discover includes this image as part of the search listing, making it essential if you are attempting to rank in this capacity.

Maintain the provision of content relevant to the interests and requirements of your audience. Google is far more likely to add your page to Google Discover when you accomplish this. It will bring in more organic traffic than other simple SEO strategies.

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