People don’t say the reality of renovation projects. After changing the interior design, there came the cleaning responsibilities. Yes, renovating your home sounds promising and exciting. You’ll have a new look and improve your living space for the better. But to achieve this, it is not always an organised and fun process. Sometimes, it could be messy too! You’ll see wooden parts on the floor, colour paintings splashed on the wall, and sometimes you could also inhale the dust. If you leave it this way, it can affect your overall health. That’s why you need to look for residential cleaning services to ensure everything will go in place after the renovation project.

Indeed, it takes a lot of work before achieving your dream home. It will be chaotic and stressful, and sometimes it can go out of control. Don’t worry, and it happens for most homeowners. To avoid confusion before everything goes haywire, here are some tips for cleaning up your space after a renovation project.

How to Clean Up Your Space After a Renovation Project

The fun part is over, and you must clean up the mess. After repainting your wall and rearranging the furniture, it’s impossible to have a clean space because there would be dust around your home. Perhaps, there can even be sharp objects, including nails and thumbtacks. If you leave them on the floor, someone might get hurt. The answer to this problem is to look for residential cleaning services. By doing so, professionals can help you clean up after the renovation project.

It’s the only time you can genuinely enjoy your freshly renovated home! So, here are some tips you need to know after the home renovation.

1) Inspect the Entire Home with the Contractor

Before you start cleaning up, you can have a final inspection with the contractor to know if your home is completely renovated. While assessing, you can check if there are areas that need repair or reconstruction. After this, you can also check if the furniture and appliances are all working correctly. So, before the contractor leaves, they will know that your home is free from damages.

After this, you can now call for renovation or move out cleaning services in Singapore to help you clean up the mess. It ensures that everyone in the house is safe from dust and sharp objects. Plus, a clean home is good for your mental health.

2) Stay at Home or Book a Hotel Room

You can choose between staying at home or booking a hotel room during the cleaning session. It’s safe to say that your kids and pets need to relocate during the clean-up after the renovation project. It is because the detergent has chemical properties, and the smell may be too powerful and harmful to their health. So, book a hotel room or let them stay at a relative’s home in the meantime.

Along with the cleaning process, you can also look for a home disinfection service in Singapore to keep the pests away. Look for cleaners who know the proper steps of the anti-pests procedure. You’ll ensure your home is free from mice, mosquitoes, flies, and ants.

3) Remove the Clutters

If you want to help the cleaners, you can advise them to remove those that are visible. For instance, there are items lying around the corner. You need to remove them to have more space to walk around. Plus, it will be easier to do the upholstery cleaning in Singapore if there are no objects that are hindering the cleaning routine. As you remove the clutters, don’t forget to dispose of them properly. Avoid throwing them irresponsible as it can affect the environment.

It’s better to reuse, recycle, and reduce to make things less chaotic. You can also take a clearer view of your surroundings as you remove the clutters. You can see the changes and appreciate your home more than the way it looked before.

4) Start Rearranging the Big Furniture First

After renovation, it’s normal to have some minor rearrangement for your furniture. For example, you might want to put the refrigerator at the nearest kitchen table to reach your needs quickly. If this is the case, you can start with the big furniture at the start of the residential cleaning services. Start with more oversized items because they are more complicated to move than miniature furniture or appliances.

The professional cleaners should also help you move around for a safer process. During this step, make sure that the kids and children are in a safe place to avoid accidents or injuries. You can also tell the workers to use protective gear to protect their health and safety.

5) Vacuum the Corners

During the renovation and cleaning, there will be a lot of dust around your home. It could harm health, especially for kids, pets, and people with allergies. So, during the cleaning process, you can advise the cleaners to use a vacuum to keep the corners clean from dust. For your sofa cleaning in Singapore, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust sitting in it for years. Also, don’t forget to vacuum the corners to keep the air circulation free from small particles.

6) Also, Clean the Closets

The professionals should also clean the internal part of your closets. You might not know the dust may also stick to the clothing. It could feel itchy once you wear them! So, it better includes the closets, cabinets, or kitchenware in the residential cleaning services. Before using any of them, ensure they are clean to avoid affecting your overall health. It’s also better to check the food storage to ensure they are free from contamination.

7) Clean the Handles, Kitchenware, and Pillows

You usually touch handles, kitchenware, and pillows. If you leave them dirty, it can affect your overall health. So, don’t forget to include them during the residential cleaning services. Check if they are spotless before using them. Once contaminated, better buy a new one to ensure everyone’s safety.


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