Have you ever opened your social media account without scrolling past through an ad or two? Maybe you haven’t. Social media platforms are now being a stage for advertisements as much as they are used for socializing online. It is no wonder why, after all, social media platforms are populated with people who to most businessmen are “consumers” or “prospective buyers”. Apart from being a go-to pastime for many people, social media platforms are also a great tool for analysing consumer behaviours as well as for predicting their wants and needs. Thus, making social media a good place to market products and services online. This logic brought about social media marketing in Singapore.

Defining Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a branch of digital marketing that specializes in the use of social media platforms to generate reach, improve brand awareness, analyse consumer behaviour, and drive sales. A social media marketing company uses various tools, most are specific to a certain social media platform, to set targets, monitor competitions and progress, and evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing plan. You can buy authentic Tiktok followers here.

As much as it is crucial for business owners and organisation leaders to find a reputable and excellent social media marketing agency to help them utilise social media platforms for their campaigns, it is also important for them to be familiar with these platforms themselves. Although some functions such as messaging and following are common in most social media platforms, each has its own unique selling point. You have to discover these USPs to know which social media platforms you should utilise for your social media marketing campaign. Having a decent understanding of various platforms will also allow you to know whether you are entering a fruitless transaction or you are being deceived into wasting unnecessary funds.

Social Media Platforms You Should Know About


The first rule to brand awareness is to introduce your brand to your target market. In fact, you can even start your campaign to a larger audience as it will automatically trickle down to the target audience you are aiming to reach. The key here is to let people know that your brand, product or service exists. In today’s modern living, people rarely go out to malls and department stores where you often see marketing activities. Watching television and listening to the radio become limited as well. People stay more within the virtual world, aka in social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This is why every social media marketing company in Singapore opted to bring their strategies to these platforms.

Here, we will share with you some of the social media platforms that online businesses are utilising for their social media marketing strategies today.


According to an article from Big Commerce, Facebook tops the list of social media platforms that are being utilised for social media marketing. It is not surprising at all. After all, Facebook is arguably the most populated social media platform on the internet. Moreover, there are many ways you can use this platform for marketing purposes. Facebook is a little world wide web, to be honest. It has an option for messaging, photo and video sharing, blogging, advertising, buy and sell, and a whole lot more. While the most common Facebook marketing strategy is to use Facebook ads which are paid advertisements, you can opt for other options to market your products and services without the use of such an option.

For instance, you can create a page for your brand or company and use this as a Facebook marketing tool. Many Facebook blogs are gaining a high volume of followers that can be converted into buyers or influencers to further the reach of your campaigns and this method is absolutely free. Should you want to take it to the next level and immediately gain more views, reactions and shares, you can always opt for Facebook marketing services such as paid promotions to have better engagement. read more


Instagram is a form of social media that makes huge progress in terms of the number of users early on its introduction to the internet. Started out as a photoblog site, Instagram is now home to many visual advertisements from famous and startup companies. The very nature of Instagram made it a good social media marketing platform. For one, it is photo and video-heavy. These visual media are good for telling a story, capturing emotion, and driving people to think and act. Moreover, photos and videos are great media for people with very short attention spans. There can still be a degree of retention even when your audiences have only viewed the ad for a short period of time.


While most social media platforms offer B2C marketing and advertising, LinkedIn is different. In fact, the platform is an exclusive B2B market with user demographics consisting of professionals, people with high educational attainment and recruiters. Moreover, the nature of the platform allows and promotes networking among its users. LinkedIn ads are also noticeably inclined to B2B advertising, making it a unique platform for targeting a specific market segment.


Just when we thought that messaging apps and platforms cannot generate sales, WeChat proves us wrong. This social media platform excels at B2B marketing in the sense that no other types of platforms can par. WeChat Marketing is a form of business-to-business marketing strategy that thrives in “networking”. The platform allows you to create your personal or company profile where you can introduce your brand and what you are offering. Since this is a messaging platform, WeChat Marketing acts in the same way as giving random people or prospective customers your calling card, only it contains your brand’s USPs and other Infos for a call to action. The platform also allows advertisements through WeChat Advertising.

How to Utilise these Platforms

These are just some of the platforms that you can use for social media marketing. Being among the leading platforms in terms of the number of users and options for marketing strategies, you can expect good results if you utilise these platforms well. All you need to do is to find a specialist in social media management to make the most out of your campaigns. check out this site for more info