The storage industry in Singapore is continuously growing and booming more than ever nowadays. Numerous people across the globe are purchasing and hoarding new items every day, be it clothes, furniture pieces, foods, appliances, gadgets, pairs of shoes, and others.

Since e-commerce began, countless shops have also entered the venture, and businesses have started selling online. Because of this, more and more people find themselves turning and seeking the help of storage solutions to keep their stuff and avoid the chances of throwing them away. Storage units can help people keep their other personal belongings in case space runs out in their homes. It is the main motive of storage facilities and this storing industry; to be able to provide you with extra space for your items.

The same applies to businesses. Business owners utilise warehouse storage spaces in Singapore to hold their extra things, including documents, goods, products, packing materials, and other items involved with their production. Warehouse storage is a chief capital investment that can help handle and manage your enterprise, big or small. If you’re considering getting a slice of that pie, let these seven hacks help you optimise your warehouse space.


Getting warehouse storage in Singaporeis a piece of cake, especially if you’re making tons of money. But the challenge is maximising the space within and determining how much space will you utilise. To help you calculate your space utilisation, here are four steps:

  1. Start with calculating the entire warehouse storage space in Singapore, including the whole square footage of the overall facility. When getting the total size, never include the restroom, office, and parking area. Only calculate the space needed for storage.
  2. Determine your storage area size, including the width and height of your space..
  3. Analyse your potential storage area. Ensure that your employees have sufficient room for production, the place for loading and unloading, and other spaces needed for the manufacturing.
  4. Once you have all this data, you can calculate your space utilisation, including enough space for your inventory, loading and unloading area, production, private office, meeting rooms, locker areas, pantry, and comfort rooms.



For new products and unpackaged goods, employees often place them in storage containers, racks, or shelves. There are countless durable and cheap storage containers in Singapore.Ensure to get your hand on a few pieces. These items can help you maximise the extra area within your storehouse. What you can do to optimise the spaces inside the containers is to categorise unpacked or new items by size.

Say, if you sell liquor, arrange them by their length and width accordingly. You can keep all the wine bottles organised depending on their bottle shapes. For instance, consider sorting Bordeaux, Burgundy, Port, and Alsace bottles in different containers. In addition, keep various container sizes on hand, place your goods in the holder they appropriately fit in, and then store them in a rack.


Another way to optimise your warehouse storage in Singapore is by organising your products according to their size. You can sort them by separating and storing them with like-sized items. It is somehow similar to the previously listed tip.

When stashing them, keep things separated in their locations or spots of racking. Store the large items above, while the smaller items can be in the middle or lower rows of your shelves. This technique can help you maximise every space in your storehouse, even the close-fitting ones. Also, with this strategy, you can help your employees work efficiently, saving them time from looking for something and reducing the risks of misplacing items.


Using the vertical spots in your storehouse storage in Singaporeis one of the practical ways to maximise your storage capacity. Start by identifying the height of your warehouse, from the floor or ground all the way to the overhead of your warehouse. Once you have the distance, consult the facility owner, and ask for any building code rules and regulations. Make sure to follow these restrictions if they have any.

However, if all is good, review your inventory and assess which needs more attention. Say, for instance, place the products that are high in demand on the middle spots of your shelves, while for the new items or slower-selling products, consider stashing them in higher but accessible locations.



Another factor to help you optimise every space in your warehouse storage in Singapore is your aisle. Minimise the distance between your racking or aisle widths. This strategy can help you increase your entire storehouse space and square footage. As much as possible, try to take advantage of all the extra spaces, corners, and spots in your warehouse.


Lastly, consider the storage options in Singapore that work best for your warehouse. Research and identify which storage system can meet your needs. Some usual options are floor stacking, selective racking, double-reach racking, drive-in or called drive-through racking, push-back racking, and pallet flow racking. Each storage system has different takes on managing and handling your items, horizontally and vertically. You can consult experts or the facility owners for suggestions on which storage option will work for your needs.


Nowadays, most corporations require extra storage space for their business-related items, such as documents, unused devices, archives, excess containers and racks, and inventory records. It can also serve a practical purpose for manufacturing companies. Warehouse storage in Singaporeis large enough to accommodate the following necessities of manufacturers:

  • Docking equipment, such as a truck, dock boards and plates, dock bumpers, dock levellers and lifts, and wheel clocks
  • Conveyors
  • Storage equipment, such as bins, shelves, carousels, and racks
  • Lifting equipment
  • Packing equipment, such as industrial scales, strapping and banding equipment, stretch wrap machines and packing tables

All these can take up a fair bit of space within warehouse storage in Singapore.Besides being a practical option, it is also a more economical option for storing your goods.

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