The world we live in is now more interconnected than ever. Nations are no longer secluded from each other because of how global society is nowadays. People can now freely travel without any restrictions. The transportation of commodities from every corner of the world is now possible. With this, people experience a borderless world.

So what are the processes that contribute to this interconnection? It is made possible by the advancement of transportation and technology. People can freely move from one place to another and access media through their portable smart devices. That is one manifestation of the constant adaptation to the demands of this world.

Logistics is one industry that thrives on global society. It is the process of moving things around without issues, just like how a freight forwarder in Singapore transports commodities to every corner of the world.

The question now is about the methods behind the logistics industry. It is the various means of transportation via air, sea, and land to transport things to their intended destination. Another thing is the handling they provide to keep things in good condition.

Whether you are an individual who wants to transport items or an enterprise that aims to distribute goods anywhere, it is vital to practice awareness about the various means of transportation used by logistics.

Here are three services behind freight forwarding in Singapore.



People seek to move goods for a plethora of reasons. It can be for personal use when moving things from one place to another, a business that imports its inventory to various countries, or a small enterprise operating within a specific area. There are countless reasons behind every parcel sent. It is an extensive cycle of movement, and it is impossible to identify every one of those.

In all seriousness, there are three means of moving around the world. It is easy to identify the type of service you need from an LCL freight forwarder.


Land Transport

Transporting via land is the most basic form of transportation. People use motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, and trains to go around. It operates on a limited scale because they have limits in terms of distance.

The most basic form of land transportation are motorcycles for moving small parcels, while a freight forwarder in Singapore utilises trucks as their most basic service. The common thing about these is the distance they operate. Motorcycle delivery services have their limits and can only carry a limited amount of items in a specific area. On the other hand, trucks can transport huge items such as an entire inventory of goods or consumer appliances.

So what kind of consumer and industry can benefit from land freight? Those who will need to transport items within a small serviceable area.

Such industries that thrive on the benefits of small-scale land freight are e-commerce and food deliveries. They only need motorcycles or trucks to carry out their delivery duties. Strict handling of items is also a part of their duties to assure the customer of the quality. It helps a business to operate by bringing its products to the doorstep of the customer.

Another would be the consumer goods industry because of their constant need to distribute items across their intended market. They also use trucks and an LCL freight forwarder to maximise efficiency by consolidating packages to fill an entire cargo. The logistics company also practices storage and inventory to distribute the goods efficiently.


Sea Freight

Industries and people who need to move goods on an international scale make use of sea freight. It is usually for large companies who distribute goods internationally. Another factor is the quantity because trucks cannot do the job for them.

Sea freight in Singapore makes use of cargo ships that can carry around 18,000 containers. Imagine the number of goods that they can transport. That is why most large-scale businesses prefer this method of freight. Another factor is the handling because they are well-versed in taking care of whatever commodity they will transport. However, shipping services are not advisable for time-sensitive goods because it takes a long time to reach the intended recipient.

One industry that uses this method is manufacturing. Thousands of goods are distributed across the world by the use of container vans. A freight forwarder in Singapore manages the inventory to ensure an efficient flow of supply for the business and its intended customers. Logistics aid the enterprise in the overall process of distributing and managing their goods.

Personal clients also can choose to ship via container vans. Immigrants and expatriates usually do this when they seek to move large items like furniture (or even a car in some cases).

Sea freight eliminates the problem of transporting large goods. Enterprises can now expand their operations internationally with the convenience it provides.


Air Travel

The aeroplane is one of the marvels of technological advancement and discovery. We now have the opportunity to explore heights that were untouched before. It can also cut the time going from one place to another, and that’s how efficient the aeroplane is.

This method of transportation sits in the middle of land transport and sea freight because of the size of aeroplanes. Due to its characteristics, air travel is ideal for a small number of time-sensitive packages. It is also more expensive because you are paying for the convenience.

Food and pharmaceuticals benefit from the advantages of an air freight forwarder in Singapore.It is because these items are perishable and require extra attention. Dairy products cannot have a limited shelf life after production, and pharmaceuticals have specific temperature settings to keep good condition.

The luxury industry is also an example because of its discerning clients. High-value items can be shipped instantly by an air freight service to their intended recipient without taking too much time.

Another advantage brought by freight forwarding in Singapore is accessibility. The use of aeroplanes can ease the connection between places to distribute goods.

Knowing the services of the best freight forwarder in Singapore is one way to assess your need to transport any goods. With the various means of transportation, all you have to do is call a logistics company for assistance. Visit STAR CONCORD PTE LTD, a member of the Pacific Star Group, to learn more about their offerings.