Water suppliers in the US have been expressing their concerns about the drought in the water supply. The level of water underground is becoming lower every year, and the cause for this is global warming.

82% of the US population receives water from barely 8% of community water systems, leading to insufficient water supply by the municipality. Moreover, 68% of the water is supplied through surface water, the levels of which are decreasing every year. These statistics hold true for Greensboro, NC, as well.

The change in the natural habitat of surface water makes it difficult for state officials to afford the costs of re-drilling supply water reserves nationwide. These circumstances have led to numerous cases where water is insufficient for households in Greensboro, NC. Hence, residents are applying viable solutions such as water well services in Greensboro, NC, or installing a reserve tank in their houses.

4 Unavoidable Benefits of Having a Water Well

Having your own reliable water source is always a good option during global warming. Drilling a water well reduces dependency and could provide you with sufficient water to fulfill your needs.

  1. Healthier water

The municipal water supply is hygienic. However, due to health law standards set by Environmental Protection Agency in the USA, the supply has to go through filtration and refining processes. So, it eliminates healthy minerals in the water.

Moreover, as discussed earlier, in Greensboro, the water supply is mixed with surface water. This is usually unhygienic and requires a refining process and chemical filtration. So, groundwater is believed to be way more natural, fresher, and healthier.

This is because the earth’s soil works as a natural filter, with no chemical indulgence and modern filtration machinery.

  1. Independence

What is better than being independent when it comes to your water supply? Having your water well spares you from the municipal’s mercy. This means you are safe from restrictions such as limitations on your water access and the installation of additional pipelines to fill reserve tanks.

Your on-site water well gives you complete control of your water access and sufficiency benefits.

Moreover, it gives you the independence of self-maintaining the well without having to wait for municipal representatives.

  1. Save billing costs

Even though it might cost you to appoint well services in Greensboro, NC, for an on-site water well, it will save regular costs such as bills and relevant taxes. The municipal billing costs in Greensboro, NC, need to be paid every month and can go up to an average of $100.

Your water well might also cost you some annual charges for inspection of impurities and other maintenance requirements. But, this is still a more cost-effective option.

  1. Water wells are eco-friendly.

As discussed above, municipal water is dependent on surface water which is unhygienic and tends to get affected by external conditions.

This way, the chemicals used to filter the supply are back on the earth’s surface. The process also requires industrialization, which encourages global warming.

Ground level water is filtered through rocks and earth’s soil and doesn’t necessarily require chemical indulgence to make use of it.


An on-site water source plays an essential role in your well-being during this global drought. Digging a water well is believed to be promising, as surface level sources such as rivers, lakes, and reservoirs are dying out.

These sources aren’t proving to be reliable sources because of being sensitive to external conditions as well. So, having your water well could be a viable decision to fulfill needs sufficiently.