With an annual contribution of $77.2 B in 2020, the mobile gaming industry is geared to hit a different record in the coming years. The rise in the number of internet users, easy accessibility of mobile devices has contributed to the success of this industry and continue to create opportunities for gaming companies, developers, and so on.

The nationwide lockdown has also sparked the rise of gamers, with more than $19 billion spent on developing mobile games. These numbers present the business opportunities and how companies are competing to create a unique customer experience.

Let us have a clear overview of how technology has emerged as a tool for the growth of the gaming industry in today’s era.

1.Cloud-based technology

The rise in internet users, increased bandwidth and introduction of 5G technology have propelled the use of cloud network across industries. The games are stored on the remote serves, and every time the mobile user sends the request to play the game, the cloud servers allow them to access it easily.

The experts say that the boom in 5G technology will create a plethora of advancements in the gaming industry, and cloud-based networks will make mobile games more secure and reliable.

2.Augmented and Virtual Reality

Introducing the real world on mobile devices is one step closer to impeccable user experience. The companies are striving to introduce Virtual Reality on mobile games, so these can be made more immersive and realistic. Many online casino games make users feel like they are playing the actual environment and creating their own avatar.

Virtual Reality might be dedicated to immersing users in a virtual world that can be viewed through a screen in your headset, but it doesn’t bring the real world outside to the experience that is where Augmented Reality is introduced to make this reality more “augmented” and offer a better experience of the real-world.


If you haven’t heard of bitcoin, cryptocurrency or Doegiecoin until now, the chances are that you have researched about it after the tweet made by Elon Musk. The online casino industry has seen the rise of cryptocurrency and digital payments, making it more safe, fast and reliable. This has enabled the instant transfer of payments on several online casino games.

4.Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is now almost a part of every industry. Your everyday chatrooms and customer support platforms are the biggest examples. The AI has helped online gaming companies create games that tailor to customer needs based on behavioural patterns and make them more personalized and interactive.

5.Mobile Casino Techonolgy

Playing live casinos on mobile devices offers you the same interactive experience you find in the real world; however, the technology is yet to be explored, and the cost associated with it has to be clamped down. Since the technology and devices required for live streaming has to be more robust, gaming industries are working intrinsically to elevate the experience. This is why companies like https://www.slothitz.com/ have become popular because of their mobile app downloads that give players quick and easy access to online casino games such as video xoslots and popular casino table games.