If you are lucky enough to have sufficient land to possess your own personal traditional or 3G pitch construction, or become a groundskeeper for almost any school or club’s authentic or synthetic cricket pitch installation, you will be aware maintaining a classy of upkeep can be hard, particularly if you’re attempting to get it done by simply hands. Sports pitch maintenance could be a chore, particularly in adverse conditions. Because of this plenty of ground care equipment machines are really produced each one of these designed to handle something which may be faced. You will find companies inside the United kingdom that offer this machinery, whether you decide to drive yourself to it and possess among their staff operate it to meet your requirements. Here a few in the gear which you might hire for your ground care.

Turf Brush

In case you take proper proper care of a guy-made cricket pitch installation or maybe a 3G pitch construction, you’re somewhat restricted to what machinery you should utilize about this. Some equipment can disrupt the substrate underneath the surface, causing rippling and protuberances to look, that may cause lots of issues when matches are occurring. A turf brush is wonderful for neatening your 3G pitch construction and may brush in top-dressing on vegetables or any other fine turf surfaces. A specific brush that’s easily available may be the Campey Turf Care Raycam TB220 Turf Brush. The comb unit is provided for free floating and may lock-out either the important thing or rear brush if needed. The comb may also be set at different heights to assist numerous turf lengths.


For more thorough sports pitch maintenance work, you may want to you will need a decompactor. Probably the most used machines within this sort of maintenance may be the Campey Turf Care Imants Shockwave 155 Straight line Decompactor. It should revitalise and refresh heavy put on areas of your pitch by relieving soil compaction, eliminating surface water and enhancing aeration in the soil. This excellent model is reputed could be the world’s fastest PTO driven rotary, straight line decompactor getting a no-chains, direct drive design.

Air Injector

For people who’ve selected authentic turf rather of the 3G pitch construction or synthetic cricket pitch installation, you may want to aerate your soil round the semi-consistent basis to make sure it remains bouncy and healthy. The Campey Turf Care Air2G2 GT Air Inject creates this change, and it also will it spectacularly. It injects compressed air using the idea to 7 a treadmill ft deep, that can cause a fracturing aftereffect in the compacted root zone, without disrupting your pitch’s surface. Its processes are instantly controlled inside the push of the mouse button and setting in the computer pad, which makes it ideal for self-driving.


Possibly the most frequent tools within the groundskeeping arsenal could be a mower, but additionally for bigger pitches, it may be very tiring to push a mower over the whole area, even when it’s a hover mower. For bigger jobs such as this, a trip-on lawnmower could be a far superior choice and may frequently improve your overall sports pitch maintenance. The Iseki SFH240 Commercial Cut and Collect Rotary Mower is most likely the very best mowers available on the market, mixing great manoeuvrability with effective blades to deal with extended and short grass in dry or wet conditions.