If you are an importer in Canada, a customs broker could be your biggest asset in ensuring that your shipments are cleared without delays. While some importers assume that they can manage to deal with the Customs on their own, others prefer seeking expertise. Customs brokers are different from shipping companies that offer free customs brokerage services. The latter is not licensed by the Canada Border Services Agency and may not have the same service profile. Brokers make things simple for small & large importing businesses alike. For instance, if you import your car to Canada with Clearit.ca, you don’t need to do much but share the invoice and basic details. 

In case you are wondering whether you need to hire a customs broker, we have enlisted three signs to watch for. 

  1. You have more shipments to manage. If your business is growing and you are expecting more imports moving forward, you should consult a customs broker to tackle the process and paperwork. A customs broker can also advise you on routes and can also negotiate with transport and shipping businesses on your behalf. Because they work with clients across all sectors and have a wide network of connections, their work can reduce your burden. 
  2. You are looking for ways to save money. A customs broker doesn’t have to be at the port of entry to deal with your shipment. A considerable share of their work happens online and is automated. They also invest in high-end tech and have an experienced team of IT experts who specialize in customs clearance. You can avoid common mistakes in the calculation of fees and duties and classification of goods, which can otherwise cost huge compared to what you pay in brokerage fees. 
  3. You are having a hard time understanding international trade laws. Trade agreements and international trade laws change every now and then. Keeping up with the evolving changes and ensuring compliance with every aspect requires full attention. With a customs broker on your side, you can expect genuine and up-to-date advice. They will also share insight on regulations and how you can save money by using favorable aspects of international trade. 

If you are an NRI importer, you should definitely consult a customs broker. They can help you understand other requirements related to various regulatory bodies and ease your work. Don’t wait for mistakes to happen before you hire a customs broker. You need one at the earliest to streamline importing.