Sofas matter and are near to the heart of every living room. This piece of lounging simply looks fantastic, and it makes every home more cosy and comfortable. Yet it’s a piece of investment you have to take. Whether you have a taste for buying a modern or vintage sofa in Singapore, it’s inevitable that every homeowner will have one for their home.

Buying a sofa for your home is perhaps one of the most significant investments you can make. For one, it can make your living room and two, it can be pricey. It’s the perfect place to read, eat while watching your favourite TV show, or even take a rest. Thus, making the right choice that will last for a long time is your goal.

Sofa 101 – Buying A Good Investment For Your Home

It’s not difficult to look for a decent sofa for your home these days. With the advent of online, homeowners will have little to no difficulty finding sofa items in a minute. Chances are, the only struggle will be determining which one to choose. So, if you’re planning to buy a sofa online in Singapore or heading down to a local furniture store, here’s what you need to know.

Try before you buy

It’s always a rule of thumb for buyers to test the product first before making a purchase. While most stores won’t have a placard in front of an item saying try me!; it should be a natural instinct for buyers to try and get a feel for the product themselves.

If you plan to buy furniture in Singapore, you need to have a set of criteria when testing the item. Does it have enough space to move your legs? Is the seat depth at least 60cm? Be it a seat height, length size or an additional feature, you should see and try the item if it actually suits and meets your needs.

Look at the fabric

Be it vintage or a modern, sleek design, whatever colour that may be, the fabric of the upholstery can influence the look and feel of it. While leather can be an excellent choice, the fabric offers a variety of choices in terms of design with its embracing and tactile feel. It also tends to be less costly than leather, making it a common choice among homeowners.

However, you should also consider the downsides of it and should you go for it, make sure that it fits well with the interior scheme. Due to a number of colours and designs for fabric, it can either blend or look out of place in your living room. Whether you’re buying a full or a 2 seater leather sofa in Singapore, check the item first before purchasing. See if it’s washable or easy to clean.

Take a measure

Not all sofas share the same size as the others. There is nothing worse than buying one that doesn’t fit your room or even the doorway. It’s perhaps every customer’s nightmare when purchasing furniture. No matter how terrifying it may be. One can avoid this problem by simply measuring up. Determine the size available for the space and the sofa you’re planning to buy. Consider the height and length of the sofa.

Consider its use

Why do you exactly need it for? Are you planning to buy a sofa online to add one to an existing set at your home? Is it for your visitors? Determining the actual use and function when buying allows you to gauge the size and design. Understand that not all sofas are the same as others. Some work well, and others shine with more features.

Inspect the frame

As much as possible, always go for a quality frame if you want to make it last longer. For furnishing that stands the test of time, the materials used its build quality and the craftsmanship behind the secret sauce. There are no blind cuts when it comes to superior craftsmanship.

You can choose a variation for a sofa frame, from hardwood to laminated boards or a combination of other materials. Be sure to inspect the frame thoroughly, and if you can, opt for producers who are offering more than a 5-year guarantee. Whether it’s a modern or vintage sofa, always take time to look through it.

Maximising The Space Within – Arranging Your Sofa



Your sofa can help you create a comfortable and secure environment that can max out the space, ensuring that there is no ‘waste’. It’s pleasant to know when you can enjoy your home with your loved ones by learning a few tips to arrange your sofa. Whether you plan to buy a sofa online or through a local store, it’s crucial that you know how to maximise the space through implementing an effective layout arrangement.

Apart from other specially designed sofa sets, the “L” plan is one of the most popular and effective to arrange them. Most of the backrests should have at least 3 seats in a row, while some would go with another extender at the adjacent side after the long length. Whether it’s a vintage sofa or whatever style it may be, consider how it will complement the rest, including the texture and colour. You don’t want something to look like an odd one out from the rest.

Keep in mind that the volume of the space occupied by the sofa and its surrounding can be the focal point. In most layouts, the centre space will have a glass table or a window surrounding it can be the centre of attention. Some sofa layouts are arranged around a TV set.

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