Commercial laundry service providers not only opt for a coin operated washing machine only, but they also go for Girbau North America coinless laundry equipment. As such customers find coinless machines convenient and easy to use while performing laundry tasks. Business owners who use coinless laundry equipment such as credit card-operated laundry machines have found that they are beneficial and are a significant investment to their business. So, what are some reasons why you should consider coinless laundry equipment for your business? Let’s find out!

Increase convenience for your clients

Typically an industrial washing machine will operate using coins that are bulky to keep carrying around. But with coinless laundry equipment customers will not have to stop by the bank or a shop to get some change. They can quickly pay for the laundry service through their credit cards or mobile payment services. This is great for business owners since you won’t need a service crew to collect, manage and transfer the coins to the bank.

Attracts more customers and Increases revenue

More people are choosing not to keep carrying cash around. So when your machine limits your customers to using coins, you end up limiting customers, especially those who prefer using credit or debit cards. However, you’ll attract more customers when you offer cashless payment methods. Also, you’ll stay ahead of your competitors when you multiple methods of paying for laundry services such as debit and credit cards. Different payment methods encourage more customers to do more loads with your business, hence improving your profits.

Flexible pricing

Other payment methods such as debit, credit, and mobile/app-based payments, allow you to adjust prices as you see fit. You will not be limited to the 25 cent increment that applies to coin-op washing machines. The freedom to adjust the pricing can do wonders for your business’ profits.

You give your customers options

Studies show that 30% of adults no longer make purchases with cash. This means they will most likely opt for a laundry store that offers coinless payment options. You open up your business to the customer base that pays for their services using alternative payment methods when you offer coinless payment methods. This way, customers will not have to pass by an ATM when coming to the laundry store.


Coinless payments can also be another marketing and promotional pivot point for the business. When you include it in your advertisements and social media posts, it is a great way to catch the attention of new clients and get the older ones to come back. It is a great marketing strategy, especially if most of your competitors offer coin-operated machines.

Increased customer engagement

It is easier to engage with your customers when using coinless payment options by introducing loyalty programs and customized customer experiences. This helps keep the customers engaged and returning to your business.

Fewer hassles

Coins can be troublesome, from carrying them to passing by a shop, bank, or an ATM to get them. Also, laundry business managers have to collect, manage and transport the coins to the bank, a process that takes a lot of time.

Coinless laundry machines are the future. Before choosing one, make sure you do extensive research to choose one that fits your business needs.