When running a business, your natural goal is to keep expenses low and profit high. And if you’re looking for a way to reduce the cost of your marketing efforts while boosting conversion statistics, you should add making and distributing video brochures to your to-do list. A video brochure is as simple as its name sounds — it’s a printed marketing material equipped with a screen where your video can be played and conveniently watched by your target audience.

Making The Most Of A Video Brochure

This material isn’t expensive to make thanks to competitive video brochure pricing. You can also team up with a reliable supplier to help you design and produce them in small or large quantities.

To use this tool to increase your conversation rates and maximize your budget allocation for this campaign, follow these tips.

Know who your audience is. Who are you trying to reach? Where do they live? In which age bracket do they belong? What are the problems you’re trying to solve? Knowing all these details is the first step to creating an effective brochure, or any other marketing material for that matter.

Identify where they are in the sales funnel. While it’s true that the video brochure pricing is generally budget-friendly, you will be wasting resources if you do not send the most suitable video content to your recipients. The key here is to identify where they are, particularly in the sales funnel. Are they still unaware that they have a problem? Or it could be that they’re aware but don’t know how to solve it. Are they nearer the bottom where they know the products available but are still undecided about which one to buy? Based on this, load a video into the brochure that will move them further into the funnel. For instance, explainer videos are best for the unaware. While having customer testimonials may finally convince those who are aware to buy your goods finally.

Keep your message clear. No matter what type of video you’re making, this remains true: You have to be clear about your message. Keep in mind that generally, people’s attention span is short. They may not even finish watching the video if you don’t get them with a great hook. Ultimately, the message you’re telling them should be apt for the pain point you’re trying to resolve.

Add a strong call to action (CTA). CTAs play a vital role in compelling your audience to take the action you want. Whether it’s to call you, visit a landing page, a go to a store nearest to them — what matters is that you convince them to further engage with you. Apart from a clear and strong CTA, don’t forget to add information related to how they can avail of your product and get in touch with you.

Proofread and double-check. A video brochure that successfully converts isn’t just something that has an attractive design and video content. Primarily, you should establish credibility by ensuring that the copy in your brochure is free of grammatical and spelling errors. It pays to double-check your brochure before mass-producing them meticulously. It doesn’t only prevent you from spending more, but it also positions you as an authoritative brand.

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