Something as insignificant as a hanger can ruin the fabric as well as the finish of your clothes. For instance, using clip-on hangers might not be a very good idea to hang delicate silk scarves or net dresses. Hence, it is very important to pick the right hanger for the right piece of clothing. If you’ve been fretting over buying the right hangers but do not know what to consider when buying them, this guide has all the answers. Dive in to explore the specifics.

4 Things to Consider So that You Find the Ideal Hanger

  1. Fabric of Your Apparels

This is the first consideration to keep in mind if you want to protect your delicate clothes from getting torn. For instance, a Flocked plastic hanger with a bar from Displetech sellers has smooth edges. Hence, it’s one of the best options for your line of satin, silk, crepe, and velvet garments.

  1. Weight of Your Apparels

A light plastic hanger is good for lightweight dresses and skirts, even cotton trousers. However, it’s mostly heavy wooden hangers that are preferred for woolen skirts, sweaters, and pants. The 14″ wide wooden hanger with chrome hooks at Displetech is one of the best options.

  1. Type of Apparels

High-quality plastic hangers are quite popular for inexpensive clothes and lightweight cotton dresses. However, for heavier yet delicate apparel like coats and jackets, wooden hangers with chrome hooks or notch hooks are better options.

  1. Size of Your Closet

This is probably the one factor that many people end up forgetting. Hence, it’s also the major reason behind disappointment. So, be very careful about the size of your closet and buy a hanger accordingly.

Having said that, let’s now take you through some of the most popular hanger fabrics that you should buy.

  1. High-quality plastic hangers with clips for lightweight dresses.
  2. Heavy wooden hangers with chrome hooks for jackets and blazers.
  3. 15″-17″ wide laminated hangers for jackets, pants, and blazers.

On a Parting Note:

The type of hanger you choose will determine the longevity of your clothes. Be very selective when buying them for woolen, net, and velvet garments because rough or sharp edges can pull the fabric threads of the garment.

If you’re looking forward to purchasing the right high-quality hangers, do check out the variety available at Displetech. Whether you’re an end-user or you own a showroom, these sellers have a wonderful variety available at extremely affordable rates.