Looking for gifts is easy, especially if the recipient is a baby. You can buy them new clothes, toys, or other things they need like baby bottles and towels. Since you see many on the list, you will get confused about what you should give first. Sometimes, it is hard to decide, making you look for other items that are easy to find but still get appreciated. Search for a newborn hamper in Singapore to help you with the products you can give a child.


If you want something that gives baby needs, look for a baby hamper in Singapore. If you cannot decide what to give them, this gift is what you must search for online. It is easy to offer because you do not need to worry about the products included in the set. However, you still need to check if the items are safe for the baby. You can ask the parents if the baby is allergic to anything to see if the products in the hamper are for them. To help you look for one, here are the things you will see:


In every hamper for a newborn, a towel is the one you will not miss seeing. A towel is always included in sets because it is what a baby needs in everything they do. This item is helpful if they need to take a bath or get a blanket. The colours available for this item are blue, pink, and white. But, do not forget to check the materials used for the towel. Ensure that it is smooth to the skin, especially if the baby has sensitive skin.


Some hampers have lotion in their set. If you do not want it, you can ask the seller if they can replace it with something. Some babies might be susceptible to cream, so ensure that the one included in the hamper is safe. If the baby is not sensitive to anything, the lotion you can buy for them is for smooth skin, bedtime lotion, and hypoallergenic lotion. It is still better to ask the parents before giving their child anything.


The shampoo is also part of some newborn hampers. They have different scents and effectiveness that could help in hair growth. It is okay if this item is not in the hamper. You have the chance to look for shampoo from a known brand. Some babies are not sensitive to their hair, so you can buy anything you prefer. Choose a brand that has a good reputation for taking care of infants.


You can use many things for your baby once they are good to take a bath. Aside from a towel, a bath gown is also one of the things included in a hamper. However, not every seller offers this item. If it is not in the set, but you like to give one, you can look at the different colours and designs of the item. You also need to consider the item size, but it is better if it is loose. If the baby wears something tight, it could irritate them and make them feel suffocated. Customising it is also possible, like putting the name of the baby.


If you want the kid to learn early, search for a baby hamper with an educational book. The books included tackles about animals, letters, numbers, fruits, and more. They might be too young for it, but it is better if they already have something they can use. It can help them while growing up without you knowing. Education is not all about books, so give kids time to grow with others.



Another item you might see in baby hampers is baby oil. There are different brands of this product, so choose one known as safe for babies. Even if they are for infants, ensure that the ingredients are not harmful. Before buying a hamper with baby oil included, ask the seller about the item and if there are other items you can add.


Some sellers include baby bottles in a baby hamper. Ask the seller if they can add it if you want it to be part of the set. If not, search for one that accepts customisation. You will see various styles and brands for this product, so choose one the baby uses. Ask the parents first before buying this item for their child.


Like baby oil, baby wipes can also be part of a baby hamper. Parents use it if they need to clean the baby without using water and dry tissue. Before buying wipes, ensure that it is baby wipes. You will see numerous kinds of wipes in stores, and some people get confused about them. Do not let it happen by reading the label or the container. You will commonly see baby wipes with a baby picture on the box.

9. BIB

The bib will not be missing in baby hampers. It is what they use if they will eat, helping clothes maintain their cleanliness. You can customise this item by putting the baby’s name on the centre part of the bib. Some want to make it noticeable, so they put it in the centre. If you wish to add other designs aside from the name, the seller might ask for an additional fee. You can go for it if you are not on a tight budget.


A rattle toy is the one item in a baby hamper that will always be present. The baby can use it if they already have teeth but feel uncomfortable. Before buying this toy, check if it is smooth and soft to avoid hurting the baby more. Some rattle toys you will see are animals, like a bear, an elephant, and an alligator.

Checking these items can help you think of a gift for the baby. If you do not want to choose, you may have all these. You can also save time looking for different items you need to put in the basket. A baby hamper in Singapore is a perfect gift for a baby, and you can get it by visiting the website of Pineapple!