Python is not only the widely used programming languages in the world, but also one of the most promising career options. The demand for Python developers continues to rise every year. Python is a great tool for creating dynamic scripts at both small and large scales. Python can be used for software testing, web development as well as app development.

Different programming standards are supported by Python’s dynamic type system and automatic memory management. You can be a Python developer after completing Python Training in Pune offered by Victorrious Digiital. You will never run out of options, no matter how experienced you are in Python development or whether you are just finishing your education.

Why is Python on the rise?

Most developers love python because they can quickly learn the programming language and can apply it in real projects. This programming language significantly reduces the development time. Python has many APIs and libraries that can be used to support many other tasks than just development. These include data manipulation, data analysis and data visualization. It is no surprise that Python is popular among developers and professionals in other fields such as data science and data analytics.

Python course prepares you to be a Python programmer and gives you an impressive achievement certificate. It is also one of the most adaptable programming languages. There is still a gap in the demand and supply of python-skilled professionals. This skill gap is not just in India, but also all over the globe. Even the most well known software development companies in India lack the necessary resources to learn python. Although the language is growing in popularity, not enough people are interested in taking a course to learn this skill.

Salary packages you could get in India

The average salary for a Python-skilled software developer is approximately 5, 80,000 INR a year. If you have the right experience, and other skills, this figure could rise to 1,000,000 INR annum. You will have the chance to work alongside some of the most well known names in the world, including Amazon, Accenture and Cognizant as well as Tata Consultancy Services Limited. As you gain more experience, your career will grow. As long as they have project and team management skills, a senior software developer can earn as high as 2,000,000 INR annually. A web developer who has taken Python classes in Pune, and proficient in Python can earn between 80, 00,000 and 9,000,000 INR per annum.

Python and the world

It is widely used by many of the most prominent names in the world, including Spotify, Netflix, and Google. As a professional in python, you have the chance to work with your dream company. As you can see, the scope for python includes not only the career options you have but also the potential salary you could earn. Python is a flexible programming language that can be used across many fields. It can also be used for business, science, art, education, technology, and other areas. Top online job portals have over 75,000 Python developers available in India.