Companies need corporate secretaries to function, but looking for one can be challenging. Luckily, you can now outsource secretaries with company secretary services in Singapore. Here are the top five benefits of outsourcing a corporate secretary for your business.

1. Get cost-efficient services

By outsourcing a company secretary, you’d save time and money instead of hiring and training a secretary for your company. An in-house secretary also comes with many more expenses, such as equipment, benefits, software licensing fees, etc. Company secretary services in Singapore guarantee that your secretary is well-trained and an expert at what they do, no matter which company hires them.

2. Save time by avoiding recruitment.

On average, it takes over a month for a position in a company to be filled up. It costs more human resources to review applicants’ resumes and interview them individually. Not to mention, leaving that position unfilled is a loss in efficiency. Avoid all of this and more with company secretary services in Singapore. You’ll find a suitable secretary for your company in a week or less.

3. Gain access to more expertise and services.

An in-house secretary doesn’t know everything, no matter how skilled and experienced they are. You might need to spend even more to hire experts in different skills and provide each with training, equipment, and other expenses. But outsourcing a company secretary can give you access to their firm’s other experts. Does your company in Singapore need payroll outsourcing? Ask your outsourced secretary for a referral from their firm. You’ll get a trustworthy, experienced expert for half the price of hiring an in-house accountant.

4. Increase the overall productivity of your company.

After servicing several other companies, secretaries from company secretary services in Singapore have productivity down to an art. They can even arrange annual general and shareholder meetings, which can be a big headache for companies. By delegating this task to an outsourced secretary, it’ll lighten the workload of all in-house employees.

5. Entrust secretaries with light bookkeeping.

Outsourcing accounting services in Singapore is an option if you need an accountant, but until then, your outsourced secretary can do some light bookkeeping to maintain all financial transactions. Remember that delegating this task to a secretary is a short-term solution, as a professional accountant is more productive.

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