Have you ever found yourself watching a long, boring corporate video? The type that has a narrator reading off a script, and you find it hard to stay focused. These mundane videos were popular in the days before YouTube. With the stiff digital marketing competition, here are 10 creative ways to use corporate videos and make your brand stand out. 

Many corporate people often feel nervous about creating corporate videos because they think that what they do is not that interesting. To start with, how you present your business to potential customers makes it interesting. Here are 10 creative ways to use corporate videos and make them more interesting.

Image by Fernando Aguirre Guzmán from Pixabay

  • Video Tour of Offices or Premises

This corporate video idea works for any type of physical property. Show people around a vast space and different areas, and let them know how they break down. If it’s a small space you are working in, tell them. It doesn’t have to be flashy. In fact, you can just film it with a mobile phone. 

Give people a glimpse into your work and do what you can to let them in through this video tour. Naturally, this type of video does not apply to remote teams. 

  • Explainer Videos 

Explainer videos can be a great way to show your audience how you can help them. Animation, whiteboard writing, sketching, or a real-time situation captured by an overhead camera are some of the many ways to do them.

Businesses use them to demonstrate how they can solve problems for their customers. You could also create a handy series of tips and tricks or solve small problems with them. They don’t have to be used to sell your business. This is one of the best things about video content strategy. It should be more branding than sales. Video can be used to increase awareness and help people. Then, sales will naturally follow.

  • Company Culture Videos

It can be difficult to explain company culture videos, but it is easier to see it this way. These videos explain your brand strategy or enhance it. They should be able to focus on your brand values with a little bit of storytelling to explain the company culture.

Like many other videos, you can be concise, fun, and snappy. You can also have a high polish, high quality, and a high level of finish. It depends on the type of business you run. Company culture videos can be a powerful way to tell your brand story and hook customers.

  • Social Media Videos

Corporate videos should be shared through social media channels to boost your business. But, have you thought about creating videos for social media? Upload your video to YouTube, and link it off from other channels. 

It’s all about creating videos specific to that social media outlet and then creating directly on that platform. Video posts, balanced with textual and static visual content, are a great addition to social media channels such as Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.

  • Social Media Teaser Trailer

The social media teaser trailer is a popular corporate video idea. It can be viewed as a trailer for a movie or film.

You will probably want to create a teaser trailer for your social media by editing something together. This video aims to hype people. Here you can get influence from media producers like Netflix who always put up soundbites and teasers for upcoming shows.

  • Sales Presentation Videos

Video sales presentations can make your life easier. You get multiple takes if you make a mistake. It takes away the pressure of giving an in-person presentation. You can also use sales presentation videos to initiate contact with an existing lead or client. You may also create a custom-made sales presentation video for an older client. It will lead to a face-to-face meeting and securing a new contract.

  • Livestream Videos

Many businesses are hesitant to stream live video because it isn’t something they like. However, businesses should embrace live streaming for a new idea presented, hosting a show with questions and answers, and demonstrating a product.  

These are becoming more common in social media. You also get a social “bump”, by going live. TikTok and Facebook now have ‘go live’ video options, which is a great way to engage your target audience. 


  • Promotional Videos

Promoting your company, product, or service is the job of promotional videos. These videos are more focused on sales and should be used carefully. For effective promotional videos, you only need to get to know your audience persona and then use these promotional videos tactically to speak to them.

  • Questions Answered

This video could be called a “FAQ” or “quickfire question”, but it is all about answering your most common questions.

You can answer your most frequently asked questions by:

  • Making the sale easier by helping people before they reach out
  • Facing any problem head-on
  • Providing answers for people to feel more comfortable in seeking out other information 

These videos are also easy to create. You can answer three of the most common questions by using your phone. You could even tie it into your FAQ or go live to solicit questions from your audience.

  • Customer Profile Videos

A customer profile is all about your customers. They may be talking about your brand and how great it is. You can follow people who were talking about you before. Show them what you do and, if possible, feature your product. It’s okay if they don’t, too.

This video idea is great for many reasons.

  • It shows that you value your client or customer.
  • People love to look behind the curtain of others’ lives.
  • Instead of treating customers as transactional, you engage on a higher level.
  • You can capture some of the audience’s attention too.

Make a distinct video about a high-value customer. Once they love it, they will share the word about your brand.

A good video not only entertains viewers, but it also inspires them to take action and dive deeper into the content. Corporate videos are a great way to attract visitors, promote your brand and make your content more noticeable on search engine results pages. Before you begin working on your next video, consider one of the strategies above.