Chrome extensions are one of the most cost-effective tools an Amazon seller has at their disposal. The tools listed above can become a practical part of your seller toolkit in minutes and save you hours of effort per week, thanks to the fact that most Chrome extensions are free. Amazon chrome extension plugins might be especially beneficial for platform sellers. We will look at a few of the most popular extensions you might wish to install on your browser. To research and compare products on the fly, use the Amazon Chrome extension. Locate the ideal goods for your next product launch. As you surf Amazon, keep track of and analyze intriguing products. With this All in One Amazon Seller Extension, you can find the perfect product with real-time, up-to-date data. To know more, you can visit Amazon Extension.

Features of Amazon Chrome extensions: 

  • Track how the keywords are bringing in business with the Keyword Tracker
  • Check the listing quality with the LQI
  • Stay updated about pricing changes, listing quality, and ratings with the LQI
  • Recognize the FBA fees associated with listing a product on Amazon’s FBA services.
  • Recognize the buy box competitiveness in terms of the number of sellers.
  • Examine whether you can profitably sell the product. Using the profit calculator, compare the FBA and FBM costs.
  • Keep an eye on your competition and their items at all times. Set up alerts to stay on top of pricing tactics, reviews, and listing quality.
  • Examine the product’s historical data and pricing trends. Analyze the competitors to begin selling the goods based on customer reviews.
  • For your next product launch, look for certified manufacturers and suppliers.
  • The product sourcing engine provides precise findings that can assist you in identifying profitable products while avoiding your rivals.

Know about different types of Amazon chrome extensions

  1. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher is a free all-in-one tool for compiling detailed information for product research. Using a fully integrated dashboard, Unicorn Smasher will combine rival prices, sales ranks, ratings, reviews, and expected sales velocities. Unicorn Smasher is recommended for each new FBA seller because it is free.

  1. The Camelizer

For Amazon FBA sellers, the Camelizer is an excellent analytical tool. It allows you to look back over a long period at listing price data. In addition, The Camelizer will enable you to set up alerts and track price movements. This is an excellent tool for expanding FBA businesses.

  1. Sonar

Sonar is a keyword research tool created by Sellics to assist Amazon sellers of all sizes. Based on real consumer search requests, Sonar finds all relevant keywords. On Amazon, Sonar recognizes and catalogs important terms that customers look for. Sonar’s constantly updated database will aid sellers by boosting their listing optimization and exposure.

  1. Honey

Honey is a popular Chrome plugin with a lot of fans. Honey is a terrific tool in your armory for commercial and personal use, even though it wasn’t intended exclusively for Amazon sellers. Honey is beneficial for sourcing because it will test all available coupons and promo codes in real-time before applying the most valuable ones. There’s nothing like finding unexpected inventory reductions and promotions to boost your profit margins.