Intending to complete projects in a traditional approach that involves precise sequencing and planning of each step, Waterfall Project Management comes as a great solution for businesses! It must be noted that task tracking is a crucial step for a smooth workflow. And Wrike is one of the best softwares for keeping an eye on the proper implementation of a working module. However, you can also get your hands on alternatives to Wrike, which manage your projects in real-time and builds an analysis of the progress for estimated delivery time.

What is the process of Waterfall Project Management? 

  1. Requirement 

A task manager is supposed to understand all the requirements of the client. Hereafter, the task is broken down into steps and phases that are completed simultaneously. Each phase is assigned to a separate employee or team, and they are responsible for the completion of their part only. 

  1. System Design 

After brainstorming generic ideas and layout, a System Design is worked upon by the team. The goal is to make a physical layout of the entire working module so that the client’s needs can be fulfilled with all available resources and planning. 

  1. Implementation 

Now is when the programmers get their hands-on coding. They understand the requirements and the final layout, which helps them to develop the final code. Each client can have different specifications for their software, so the coders must be completely aware of every spec laid down on the list. 

  1. Testing 

Prior to the dispatch, the team will access the final product or software. This is done to verify that all the requirements of the client have been fulfilled, along with the best output that could’ve been delivered. If an error is detected during the testing process, the software is returned to the coding team for revision. 

  1. Deployment 

When all the checkboxes are ticked, the final product is delivered to the client or rolled out in the market. With strategic advertising and promotion, the product reaches the target audience. 

  1. Maintenance 

In this step, the reviews from the client come back to the company. They generally require a few more modifications or additions, which have to be delivered in this phase. 

Established on a traditional approach to meet the project through precise sequences and phases, Waterfall Project Management is one of the best methods for businesses! There are several advantages to it because it saves time & productivity, and keeps a track of every step that goes into the process!