The sampling company acts as an intermediary between the brand and customer while delivering free product samples. A sampling company’s primary role is to fulfil your sample distribution. Beyond this, there are several other services a sampling company can provide to give your campaign an extra boost. A sampling company plays an essential role in ensuring your samples are delivered safely to the intended recipients. They specialize in researching and identifying the best products and services for you to sample. This includes understanding who your best customers are and how those customers will perceive your product.

A sampling company will also coordinate the logistics of getting your samples from the manufacturer to their mailboxes, including inventing a package that will entice them, negotiating the best postage rates for efficient delivery, and tracking the samples to confirm they have all been delivered.

Companies use sampling companies to implement and track their in-store marketing programs. A sampling company typically provides free product samples to prospective customers, in hopes of winning their future business and/or referrals. This can happen at a trade show or convention, where potential clients are already congregated. Sampling companies sometimes go door-to-door to offer free product samples for people at home, who will spread word of mouth should they like the products.

Companies that need to collect customer feedback often use 3rd party market research companies specialized in conducting surveys. These specialized markets research companies, also known as sampling companies, are solely responsible for the collection and provision of large sample groups to their clients. Sampling companies work to leverage the power of free product samples by finding smart and strategic ways to deliver them to prospective customers.

If you want us to provide your clients with samples, we can help you in several capacities. While most of our customers choose us to manage their sampling efforts, we offer other services as well that allow you to choose the level of support you require. If you would like, we can order the samples on your behalf, package and ship them, or handle everything from the sample order to track who has received it.

Our Sampling Company finds non-incentivized audiences to sample products, drive awareness and sales. We reach brand targets with a gift with purchase campaigns as well as product demonstrations in-store and off-premise. We can make your sampling campaign a success, regardless of the environment. Research questionnaires: Our team at Sampling Company has extensive experience in preparing interview schedules and other tools for conducting qualitative research. Trained field investigators, if required for your study, are well-equipped with the relevant tools and instructions to ensure proper quality-control measures are adhered to at every stage of data collection.

We secure complimentary product samples from leading companies and brands to include in your sampling program. Determine the right target audiences for your product samples. 2. Identify the right place to distribute your product samples. 3. Design aesthetically pleasing, functional, and convenient packaging solutions. 4. Make efforts to study the impact of free product samples on your KPI (Key Performance Indicators).