No one is comfortable talking about death. It’s a realm where people have no concrete ideas. Is the afterlife real? Does reincarnation happen to the soul? Where do humans go after death? All these questions can make you feel uncomfortable and sometimes a bit scared. Death is indeed uncertain. You don’t even know when your loved ones will depart the earth. However, there’s one thing you can do for sure— you can prepare for funeral services.

Dealing with death is already an overwhelming situation, and what more preparing the funeral for the departed one. You have to consider the body transportation, arrange to embalm, select caskets, gravesites, etc. It can feel stressful, especially if this is all your first time! In all honesty, everyone will eventually say goodbye to earth. That’s why it would be helpful to learn the preparation steps when planning funeral services.

You’ll plan for the funeral for your family member or friends someday in the future, so better continue reading this article to help you during the stressful time.

Funeral Planning: A Preparation Guide for the Memorial Service

In Singapore, funeral services can be a form of Buddhism, Christianity, Taoism, or Catholicism. There are many traditions for the ceremony, which means there can be different ways to prepare for the memorial service. It may vary depending on the religion but planning for funeral service has a procedure. So, let this section tell the things you need to prepare for the funeral as a guide.


1) Decide for Body Disposition

Firstly, remember that preparing for a funeral is a personal process. You have to consider the religion, relationship to the deceased, deceased’s requests, family opinions and other factors. All in all, you have to consider this before choosing a funeral services package in Singapore. Of course, it’s essential to decide for the body disposition, be it in a casket, grave marker, green burial, or cremation.

It’s advisable to talk with the whole family before making the final decision for body disposition. Ask them if you need to follow a tradition for the ceremony. As such, you’ll be able to pick the appropriate step for the funeral service. If, for instance, the deceased requests for a particular body disposition before passing away, respect their request and follow it as it is.

2) Finding a Funeral Director

You can also look for a funeral director that can arrange everything you need for the funeral services package, including care for the deceased, driving the hearse, visitors arrangement, etc. A funeral director will guide you throughout the process. Dealing with death can be stressful and overwhelming. There are days you might find yourself crying or hopeless about the situation. That’s why it’s better to have a support system, which the funeral director can offer.

Hence, as you look for funeral services, don’t forget to include if they can offer a funeral director as an assistant. This way, the stress due to the preparation will decrease. Finally, don’t rush the decision and talk with your funeral director about things you want for the funeral services package.

3) Pick Flowers and Wreaths

Flowers are a symbol of hope during the darkest times. Hence, people display flowers or wreaths to show courage. Visitors also give flowers as a condolence message for the bereaved family. For this reason, pick flowers that can show your love to the deceased. You can ask for help from your funeral director or look for a florist. You can also look for a funeral services package that includes flower arrangements.

Better yet, you can personalise the wreath by adding some encouraging messages or tributes to the deceased. You can also include the departed’s favourite flowers for the funeral. Remember that funerals are a personal process, which means you won’t have to follow the traditions all the time.

4) The Religion

Another thing to consider is the deceased’s religion. You have to respect the deceased’s belief because it’s part of the identity. Luckily, you can find Buddhism, Christianity, or Taoist funeral services in Singapore. Remember to follow the custom and traditions for the funeral services. As such, you’ll give importance to the deceased’s request.

For instance, monks recite mantras during the wake in Buddhist funeral services in Singapore. You can also bring flowers, candies, candles and incense around the body. On the other hand, priests may start a sermon and pray for the departed soul in Christian burial. Regardless of the religion, you should respect the deceased to show your love and support even after death.

5) The Transportation Needs

You’ll need a hearse to transport the coffin. But, you may ask for an extra vehicle so the family members can have a stress-free commute to the funeral wake. You can ask if they include transport accommodation in the funeral services package. As such, you’ll get to have a convenient way to travel during the procession.

You can also offer free rides to other guests if they want to attend the burial. You may invite close friends, colleagues, former schoolmates, and other key people. If not, make sure to provide clear directions so other guests will have an easier time finding the funeral wake location.

6)  Invitation for Other Guests

After planning for the funeral wake, you should now invite friends and relatives. You can inform them through phone calls or Facebook posts. Make sure it reaches people to visit the burial of the deceased. Also, before you invite people, ensure that there is already a final date and time for the funeral wake. As such, you’ll be able to give them clear instructions. Don’t forget to include the location and guide on how to get there.

Better yet, look for funeral services that can provide invitations to the guest for the burial. You can also use the obituary section of local newspapers to inform the community where the deceased live before passing away. Inviting all these people can give their final respect to the departed.

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