Anyone who follows content creators knows that they make videos that sometimes contain advertisements. From the perspective of companies, influencers are potential avenues for their brand to reach more people. They use a content marketing platform to connect with them and discuss collaborations. Therefore, widening their reach to their target market causes an increase in revenue. In a way, it’s a shame to not collaborate with these individuals who have thousands or millions of followers.

Companies use an influencer marketing platform to contact various content creators. Through their discussion, they negotiate the terms and conditions. Additionally, brands tell their collaborators about their objectives regarding their marketing campaign. On the other hand, brand collaborations are an excellent opportunity for influencers of a content marketing platform to earn money while promoting products and services that follow their ideals.

However, some companies are making decisions that can prove detrimental to the goals of their marketing campaigns. Your business may be making the same mistakes while contacting potential collaborators in an influencer marketplace. If you want to avoid these errors in your future marketing collaborations, awareness is crucial as it is difficult to avoid something you don’t know.

In this article, you will learn more about mistakes companies make when collaborating with content creators in an influencer marketing platform. Keep in mind that you should avoid these things as they can have significant effects on the results of your marketing campaign. Continue reading for more information.

Mistakes All Companies Need to Avoid When Collaborating With Influencers

No Clear Standards on Choosing Influencers

One of the top priorities that companies should do is to set clear standards regarding which ones they should collaborate with before searching for an influencer marketing platform for creators. Narrowing down your choices means that the collaborators your brand will be working with have an audience that can be potential customers.

There are various factors that companies should consider when collaborating with influencers. Before browsing through a content marketing platform, here are some of the things you need to think about:

  • Location of Content Creator

This aspect is crucial as a good percentage of the viewers of a content creator will be local. Brands should determine whether they are providing their goods or services in the location of their potential collaborators before taking a step further.

  • Audience

Ideally, those who follow an influencer do so because they are interested in their content. Companies should determine the reasons why the audience of a potential collaborator is watching their content before choosing them for their marketing campaign.

  • Reputation

Drama and other issues are prevalent in numerous influencers. It doesn’t matter which platform. Therefore, companies must learn about the history of a content creator they want to collaborate with before contacting them.

  • Budget

Setting up a budget is a necessity in successful marketing campaigns. However, it will dictate which content creators in an influencer marketplace you can work with, given your financial resources.

  • Brand Affinity

Always be on the lookout for content creators who are talking about using your products. Collaborating with them results in advertisements that feel more natural and genuine to their viewers.

Basing Potential Collaborators on Follower Count

The number of followers an influencer has does not have a direct correlation with the success of your marketing campaign. Remember that most of their viewers can be uninterested in your brand. Therefore, it is more beneficial for companies to look for potential collaborators in an influencer marketing platform who have an audience that is most likely to purchase your product or those who are supporting you.

While the number of viewers has an effect, it is better to reach the right audience of a few hundred individuals than attempt to convince thousands to support your brand, knowing that most of them show no interest in your company.

Total Control Over the Campaign


Influencers know more about their audience than companies. Therefore, brands shouldn’t prevent them from sharing their suggestions on how the collaboration should go. Give room for creators to show their creativity. Too much control can result in poor quality content, resulting in a loss for your marketing campaign.

Provide the terms, conditions, and goals. Allow your collaborators you hired from an influencer marketing platform to blend your brand into their content genuinely and effectively.

Not Utilising Other Forms of Collaboration

Aside from their social media accounts, companies should not limit themselves to these venues when collaborating with people from a content marketing platform. Consider doing podcasts, physical events, and other marketing activities to maximise your investment. Additionally, never forget to pick content creators from an influencer marketplace with multiple social media accounts.

Ignoring Other Platforms

Companies shouldn’t ignore the numerous social media platforms content creators use to keep in touch with their followers. When collaborating with an influencer, brands should utilise their presence in these programs to increase the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Hire content creators in an influencer marketing platform with multiple social media accounts to maximise your investment.

No Call-To-Action

The worst mistake that companies can make in collaboration is forgetting to inform content creators of an influencer marketing platform to end their videos with a call to action or CTA. Never assume that your viewers know the next step they need to make. A CTA does not necessarily have to be long or complex. However, its delivery has to be clear and straightforward. Viewers should immediately understand what it means without the need to raise questions.




An influencer marketplace is an excellent tool for companies to get in touch with their target market by utilising the influence of a content creator. However, there are multiple mistakes that brands still make regarding collaborations, which can hurt the success of their marketing campaigns. Lack of awareness regarding these errors can result in committing them to your next project. Therefore, companies should learn to avoid these mistakes before hiring influencers from a content marketing platform.

Every company should utilise an influencer marketing platform for creators if they want to improve their revenue. If you are looking for a content marketing platform for future collaborations, visit Xiaohongshu for more information.