There is a good chance that almost anyone who has visited Malta has fallen in love with this beautiful European nation. Other than the romantic feelings it induces, Malta offers a range of other benefits, such as attractive educational programs, high quality healthcare services and more. People can get permanent residence in Malta, but if you are wondering why you should do so, then you need to understand the benefits first.

Becoming a resident of Malta means that you will be living in a beautiful island country. It has excellent weather, as it gets more than 3,000 hours of sunshine in a year. Another advantage of moving to Malta is that you can enter any of the Schengen areas without obtaining a visa. They have a great healthcare system that can also be helpful. The educational programs are also a good motivation for Malta residency, as is the stable economy. The country is also quite safe and with English one of its official languages, adjustment problems are less likely.

If you stay in Malta for more than three months, you have to apply for a residence permit. You can get permit residence after you have lived there for five years and fulfilled the minimum stay requirements. You can stay in Malta for running a business, study, work and more. The primary condition is that you should be able to cover your financial expenses. You can also go with the special investment program for getting residence in Malta. This would take you about five to six months, which is quite quick. Other EU countries usually require you to stay for at least three years before you can get it.

Plus, if you include your family members in the application, they will also get a Maltese residence card and this is also an advantage.