The Market Research has gained ground in recent times with multiple researchers getting into this industry. Competition is fierce because every company is trying to hire the best candidates. Hence, the recruitment process needs to be planned and carefully managed. You can also take expert advice on creative recruiting ideas from professionals. In this article, you’ll get some handy tips on how to not lose the ideal candidate for the vacancy.

  • The interview process needs to be smooth and streamlined– Timing is a crucial factor that requires major consideration. You’ll not want to miss out on the best candidate due to a timing mismatch. So recruitment process needs to be reconsidered so the shortlisted candidates get a chance to take part in the interview. For example, if your recruitment process consists of 2 to 3 steps, then it’s important to reconsider the process. This is because the best candidates who are already employed somewhere need to find time from their office schedule to attend the interview. A lengthy and time-consuming process can be an obstacle for that person. Also, the experienced candidates might be attending interview sessions with multiple companies. Therefore, you need to keep the process smooth and streamlined.
  • Seamless HR processes– The experienced and the strong candidates who are researchers already will be quite decisive before making a career decision. Besides considering the salary amount, they’ll also make the choice depending on their interaction with the HR of the company. In other words, the employees should get the ‘wow’ factor after completing the interview process. Hence, the recruiters need to carry out a seamless HR process and they should be able to interact with the candidates in the best possible manner. There shouldn’t be any communication gap.
  • Be serious with your offer– Now when it comes to making the final offer; remember that the researcher you are hiring will be negotiating with you. Candidates with experience will want at least a 15% to 25% hike in salary. Hence, it’s important to be serious about the offer that you are giving. This will minimize the potential for counteroffers.
  • Closing the deal with personal communications– Interacting with your interviewed candidate via mail or phone call can be a good move. A personal reach-out is always seen as a good gesture from the company’s end. Certain companies incorporate interesting strategies to woo their candidates. It is difficult to say that this tactic will impress the candidate. However, personal touches have always been a great idea that sets apart your company from the rest and it also leaves a long-lasting inkling on the candidate.

These are some of the best ways by which you can hire the best market researcher for your company. Sometimes the in-house recruiters are incapable of making recruitments just because it falls outside their scope of expertise. Hence, it is always a good move to outsource the job to a third party i.e. to an agency that can take the burdens for you. Such agencies have professionals who have the knowledge to hire market researchers. Or, you can also seek creative recruiting ideas from recruiting professionals as they can guide on you the right hiring advice.