How many men’s and womens backpacks can you name? Two? School backpack and hiking backpack? Did you know that there are more than ten backpacks, and all vary, from their appearance to their uses?

Let’s see if you know backpacks like the back of your hand. Read this article to know the several types of women’s and men’s backpacks.

The Different Types Of Backpacks

Before we introduce the different types of backpacks, let this article first discuss what a backpack is.

Unlikewomens tote bags, backpacks are frameless bags with two strings that go over the two shoulders and are carried on the back, ergo the name backpack.

You would be surprised to know the history of the backpack. Would you believe that the possible oldest user of the backpack was the Ötzi, the IceMan, a mummified man discovered in the Tyrolean Ötztal Alps between Austria and Italy?

Ötzi is believed to have lived in the 3300 BCE, according to the radiocarbon dating. Along with his remains were discovered some artefacts, including an early backpack made of U-shaped rod, wooden boards, and a hide sack, according to the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.

From Ötzi’s rod and animal skin bag, we now have several types of backpacks made of different materials. Here are the most common backpacks in the world.

1. Basic or regular backpacks

The primary purpose of this backpack is for daily school, work, and travel. There is nothing special with the design and style of this backpack.

Like most bags, it has one primary and largest compartment, which may have two or more pockets inside and another pocket outside the main compartment in front of the bag. It may also have a pocket on one or both sides for bottles. It has two straps for the back and a handle at the top for hand-carry.

The basic backpack is as popular as the mens tote bag for daily use.

2. Laptop backpack

Like the basic backpack, laptop backpacks are popular for school and office use.

Its design is not far from the first bag, except for a few features. It has a large primary compartment. The difference is that the laptop bag’s entire structure is more sturdy than the previous one. It has a padded compartment to protect fragile laptops and tablets. It has more inside pockets than the regular bag to accommodate pens, chargers, earphones and headphones, stylus, power bank, cables, and other tech essentials.

Laptop bags are wider than ordinary backpacks to fit 11 inches to 17 inches of laptops.

Besides those hallmarks, laptop bags also have the standard two straps and one handle on the top.

A tech-savvy, student or office worker who regularly carries laptops and tablets prefers this women’s andmens backpack.

3. Rucksack

Rucksack has a quite different appearance than your standard backpack. Instead of zippers, rucksacks use flap covers and drawstring closures for their main compartment and outside pockets. The buckles are also its signature hallmark, giving a classic style.

It has two straps and a hand-carry handle at the top as well.

Nevertheless, rucksacks function the same as standard backpacks and womens tote bags.

4. Anti-theft backpacks

Anti-theft backpacks are one of the newest additions to the backpack family.

It looks like your standard laptop backpack, except for the hidden zippers. Some anti-theft backpacks have the opening of their main compartment on the side that gets in contact with your back. Other anti-theft bags have bare fronts sometimes.

It also has locks on zipper pullers and belts; and straps that secure the zipper pullers. Anti-theft backpacks use sturdy and cut-proof materials.

The anti-theft bag is more secure than your favourite mens tote bag.

5. Drawstring backpack


Drawstring is probably the smallest and lightest bag in the backpack family. It only has one compartment with no pockets inside and outside. The drawstrings for compartment closure are also used as shoulder straps.

It can fit light and small things, such as your toiletries, extra clothes, tumbler, umbrella, and notepad.

Drawstrings backpacks are almost comparable to womens tote bags in terms of functionality, simplicity, and purpose.

6. Hydration backpacks

Hydration backpacks are nothing like your standardbackpacks, rucksacks, and drawstring bags.

The hallmark of a hydration pack is the hydration system inside the bag. Instead of carrying items, this bag has a water reservoir inside with long and flexible plastic straw jutting out of the bag. The straw allows the bag user to drink water hands-free.

It can carry small items, such as extra clothes and survival essentials. This bag is meant for cyclists, bikers, runners, and even trekkers.

Similar to standard men’s and womens backpacks, it has two straps worn over the shoulders.

7. Hiking backpacks

Hiking backpacks are one of the largest bags in the women’s and mens backpack family, but there are also smaller and frameless versions.

What sets hiking bags apart from the other backpacks is their functionality. These bags have a great capacity of more than 12 pounds. Ideally, hikers and adventurers carry a loaded hiking backpack weighing 10% to 20% of their weight.

Besides the enormous capacity, hiking backpacks also have tons of small and medium pockets outside and inside the bag apart from the main compartment.

They also sport strings, hooks, and other attachments which can hold and tie other items. It uses water-resistant materials or has a built-in raincoat. They are also well ventilated due to back panels.

8. Wheeled backpacks

Wheeled backpacks are backpacks with wheels and retractable handle-bar. Unlike rolling suitcases with a box-like appearance, wheeled backpacks are made of fabric and still have two shoulder straps and a hand-carry handle.

You can either wear or drag them. This type of backpack is perfect for travellers.

Bag It!

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