Your air conditioner is your friend, whether you like it or not. It helps regulate your room temperature when it gets too high, and we know that it comes with a cost. Your room or office’s air conditioning system is an investment.

If one would expect to extend the life span of their air conditioner, opting for an aircon cleaning service or DIY cleaning is one way to ensure that it works at its best. Looking after your air conditioning system is an integral part of maintaining its function and ensuring that it runs in its optimal condition.

When Your Air Condition Gets Dirty – What You Should Do?

Looking after your air conditioning system may not be the most exciting task that one can do. Cleaning and inspecting the machine can sometimes become more challenging if you lack the knowledge, skills and apparatus/tools. In some cases, many would be willing to pay for an AC servicing in Singapore to alleviate the burden of conducting such a task.

Over time, it’s normal to expect dust and dirt debris to build up in almost every machinery. Your air conditioning system is not an exemption in this case. The first and the most crucial task you can perform to maintain your air conditioner is to replace its filter every few months. The answer to the exact frequency may depend on the rate of MERV (or Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). The higher its ratings, the more frequent you should replace the filter since high ratings indicate that it can only screen smaller particles.In some situations, you might be better off paying for an AC servicing instead of handling it on your own.

In some systems, the thicker variants give a fresher air. However, it comes with a trade-off. It can wear out the AC fans much faster, resulting in lower energy efficiency.

Air Conditioning System Maintenance 101 – Replacing The AC Filter



Changing your air conditioning system’s filter is one necessary aspect of its maintenance. It is imminent that your AC system will wear out its component due to dust and repeated stress use. In some cases, if you can’t handle the replacement and cleaning on your own, it’s crucial that you outsource to a Singapore aircon servicing company in your area or online.

Clogged and dirty air filters can hamper your air conditioning system’s performance and airflow. In some cases, it can deposit more dirt directly into the evaporator coil. When the deposited dirt and dust start to build around the evaporator coil, it will cause impairment in its ability to absorb heat. Most efficient filters in some AC systems will require more frequent replacement apart from high MERV ratings and in some scenarios, you will need to pay for an AC servicing.

In some household air conditioning systems, many may prefer the pleated type of filters to be sufficient. These have an efficiency of ten to sixty per cent, though some companies say that their filters are even more efficient. Such filters will need a replacement once every four to six months of usage.

However, in some situations when there is a high presence of dust, a period of every three months is a decent recommendation. In some cases, if you can’t handle the replacement, you can opt for an aircon cleaning service.

The Interval Of Replacing Filters

While most homeowners are less concerned about looking for a chemical overhaul price in Singapore, many wonder about the interval period of changing the filter. Since there are a number of filter types that suggest you change them from a few months to nearly half a year or once in a year, there are some crucial key factors to examine here.

The type of your home and how often you use them will severely affect the interval in replacing your air conditioning system’s filter. Not following the recommended interval periods will depreciate the effectiveness and performance of the machine in return. It can also cause unexpected breakdowns, and we know how expensive repairs and component replacement can be.

To delay the changes too long can rack up additional operating expenses in a workplace setting. Therefore, most corporate firms pay for professional AC servicing instead of having dedicated time to maintain and assess the system.

Why Hire Professional Aircon Cleaning Services?


As we implied earlier, your aircon maintenance is integral for its long-term survival. To extend its lifespan, one would need to conduct a periodic maintenance effort to ensure that everything within is running without a problem. In most situations, cleaning the filter alone would not totally suffice the requirement.

Paying for professional AC servicing would benefit your air condition system with the following:

Ensuring long-term reliability

Regardless of how excellent and consistent with replacing your air filter, you cannot match the expertise and quality repair from a professionalAC servicing group. With that, it will ensure that your system has long-term reliability.

Energy efficiency

Every AC system will require continuous maintenance service throughout its lifespan. It may entail a few expenses along the way, such as parts replacement. Otherwise, energy efficiency could be at risk, increasing your energy expense while your AC system works 2x more. A professional AC servicing will ensure that energy efficiency is optimal.

Better performance results

A decent air condition servicing guarantees that your AC system operates at its optimal result. Almost every quality AC servicing is committed to the industry standard services to meet customer expectations.

Final Thoughts

Maintenance plays a crucial part in using an air conditioning system, whether you’re at home or the workplace. Attending these maintenance concerns, especially filter cleaning and replacing, ensures optimal airflow and extends its lifespan without paying an enormous cost.

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