The UK is experiencing a surge in entrepreneurship, with millions of new businesses being founded. However, many of these new business owners have limited IT security knowledge, making them vulnerable to cyber attacks. In fact, small businesses are targeted 36% of the time by cyber criminals.

To ensure your small business is protected from cyber threats, consider these 3 essential IT security services:

Cybersecurity Training

Your employees are the first line of defense against cyber attacks. Yet, many small businesses overlook the importance of cybersecurity training for their staff. This can result in employees falling for social engineering scams or making simple mistakes that put your business at risk. IT security companies often offer cybersecurity training for businesses to help overcome this challenge.

Security Software

Another common misstep for small businesses is with their security software. Many don’t have any security software, and those who do, often don’t keep it up to date. A comprehensive security software solution should include: Advanced EDR Anti-Virus, firewalls, network monitoring, and intrusion prevention. Many small businesses choose to outsource this to IT security companies that offer managed cybersecurity services.

Data Backups

Ransomware attacks have increased significantly in recent years, making it more important than ever to back up your business data. With data backups in place, you can quickly recover from a cyber attack by wiping your system and restoring from the backups. Cloud services or IT security companies such as Stephensons, which offers IT Support in Huddersfield, can help you set up and automate the backup process.

In conclusion, small businesses must take IT security seriously to protect themselves and their customers. Start with cybersecurity training for your employees, invest in comprehensive security software, and make sure you have data backups in place.