One of the questions we often get asked is, what exactly is a Florida Room?

A Florida Room is an addition to your house, usually at the back. It is made to let in as much light and fresh air as possible. This stylish home addition is called a “Florida room” because it is popular there and has many other names. Depending on how they use it, people may call it a sunroom, patio room, sun parlor, or garden conservatory.

Florida rooms have many screen windows and sometimes a skylight to let in as much natural light as possible. You can let in as much fresh air as possible without dealing with bugs, dirt, and other debris like on an open patio. In general, they are very useful in all kinds of weather, which is good since we get a lot of each.

What Is A Florida Room Used For?

You can use a Florida Room as a simple sitting room to read a book, add a bar to make it an elegant room for parties, turn it into a patio that can be closed off, or even use it as a playroom for kids. Today, they are often connected to an outdoor pool and used as a place to dry off before going back inside the house. They can also be used as an enclosed pool area because our screens are safe for pools.

These modern design ideas for a Florida room make it easy to move from living inside to entertaining outside while letting in the breeze and keeping the view.

Change the way you live.

It’s easier to get a Florida room for your home. If you already have a patio or alfresco area, you can screen it off with our Aluminium Frame System and our fixed lanai screens, which provide anywhere from 25% to 95% shade.



Most Florida room additions are added to existing buildings by putting the new space on the back side of the house. This gives you more privacy from the street, but you can still enjoy the sun and keep your plants healthy. But sometimes people choose to add a Florida room to the side of their house, especially if the view from there is especially nice.


Ideas for decorating a room in Florida

After the Florida room has been planned and built, it’s time to decorate it. Even though there are a lot of Pinterest boards and Instagram hashtags with decorating ideas for Florida rooms, we’ll still list a few to make you even more excited about having one.

Want to make the Florida room feel like a conservatory? As accents, you can put dried branches and ferns in big urns, or you can go all out and put live plants and a potting bench. Plenty of sunlight will help them grow.


Close the Curtains: Drapery panels are becoming more popular in rooms in Florida. Climate drapes make it possible to shut out the outside world. They are usually lined to keep out more of the elements and treated to keep them from fading from constant exposure to sunlight.


Light it up! Make a place to read with lanterns and oil lamps so you can see after dark.


Cozy Up: Pillows, throws, and soft cushions on the counter stools and dinette chairs make the furniture cozy and inviting.

You can add a Florida room to your existing home or build one from scratch. It doesn’t matter what design you choose or how you decorate it.